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How To Practice Positive Self-Talk

Many people don’t realize that the voice inside their head is a voice that can be holding them back if they don’t take note of what it says to them every day.

We live in a world where everything around us is telling us that we’re not good enough. We go on social media to a slew of gorgeous women who have been photoshopped, slimmed down and are dressed to the nines. We turn on our TV to watch a slew of marketing commercials and videos of women who portray these unrealistic ideals of what females should always look like.

Positive Self-Talk can change your life. Find out how I incorporated positive self, talk into my life, and what you can do to start your own.

Our generation of women has been bombarded with more images than anyone else before us. And with this we are constantly being targeted by campaigns that are trying to convince us that we’re not good enough

It’s no wonder that we get out of bed in the morning reminding ourselves that our hair sucks, we have nothing to wear, we look tired, and we feel fat today.

The catapult for yes supply was that had a moment in my life where I decided that I was sick of women telling themselves that they were not good enough, limiting themselves from the opportunities that they deserve and holding themselves back from the life they really dream of.

My drive to fix this problem led me to starting, Good Morning Beautiful, that sends my subscribers a daily message everyday reminding them that they are capable of achieving whatever they want, and giving them tools and advice on how they can achieve it.

One unexpected side effect that I did not consider was that for me, practicing positive self-talk every single morning allowed me to remove the negative voice in my head that was constantly telling me that I couldn’t do it, that I couldn’t achieve, and that I wasn’t good enough.

That negative voice inside my head left and it was replaced with one that was positive and spoke to me like it was my best friend.

Many people don’t realize but we are programmed with neural networks in our brains that react in a certain way repetitively. Most people have neural networks that are so used to spitting out negative commentary that we live our life in a negative space.

By practicing positive self-talk every single day I was able to change my neural networks and instinctively begin to reinforce myself, and my goals with positive self-talk. It helped me increase my confidence and move towards what I want to achieve every single day.

And don’t think I’m anything special, or I’m used to being super positive.

That negative voice inside my head left and it was replaced with one that was positive and spoke to me like it was my best friend.

I grew up in a single-parent household, I spent my teenage years in a home that was full of domestic abuse, violence, and negative and angry words being catapulted back and forth every single day.

People always ask me how I’m so positive, and they don’t even know the background that I’ve came from.

If I can infuse positive self-talk into my life every single day then so can you.

Here are some tips that you can use to add positive self-talk to your day every single day.

Write on a note the type of person who you want to be. On this note write out the traits you in your life. Do you want to be bold? Do you want to be creative? Do you want to be nurturing? Do you want to be nice?

Anything and anyone you want to be is possible for you.

Many people go through life not even realizing the type of person that they want to be. Starting out by writing down the type of person you want to be is the first step in reinforcing positive self-talk and allowing yourself the knowledge and awareness you need so that you can turn into the person that you want to be.

Start saying positive self-talk affirmations every single morning.

My yes supply insiders wake up every morning and say positive affirmations to themselves.

Although this seems like just a positive task there is no limit to the long-term effects of this can have on someone. By telling yourself every single day that you are worthy, you’re capable, and you can achieve everything you want, you put yourself in the mindset needed to achieve the things that you want to do.

It’s no mistake that the most confident people are the most successful.  Success doesn’t cause the confidence, it’s the other way around. If somebody believes that they can achieve something and they will make the right moves for them to get what they want.

Catch yourself being mean to yourself.

Next time you find yourself waking up in the morning claiming you have nothing to wear, or looking at your hair stating that you hate it, take a second for some self-reflection.

Ask yourself why you are telling yourself these negative things?

Instead of looking at the negative side of things look at all the things that are going positive in your life. Do you have a house to live in it? Do you have a job that pays you every week? Do you have strong family and friends? Do you have health in your life?

We have become so used to pinpointing the one negative thing that’s happening in our lives we often forget to take advantage of all of the amazing things that are happening to us.

Take some time for gratitude feel the positive things that are happening around you, and realize that there is so much more good than negatives. When you are able to clearly see what is good in your life, your energy shifts, and you become a more positive person.

Even more, more positive things are drawn into your life. When you are positive, people who are positive want to be around you, they want to help you out, they want to take part in whatever it is you’re doing. And by creating that energy you start focusing on what’s good you’ll realize that you began receiving so many amazing things into your life.

This is why positive self-talk is so important. I encourage you to incorporate positive self-talk into your daily activities. When you are kind to yourself, as you would want to be kind to any friend or acquaintance in your network, you feel empowered, you feel happier, and you realize that your achievements are limitless.

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  1. Joleisa Creed

    29 August

    It really is true that if we practise to say and think positive thoughts, good things will begin to happen. You and I are perfect examples of this happening! Thanks for the reminders. Tweeted!

  2. The Oracle

    29 August

    So true. I think its sad when people just criticize themselves so harshly. I don’t know why. We all do it but it is sad

  3. Love this! I especially love when you say “When you are positive, people who are positive want to be around you, they want to help you out, they want to take part in whatever it is you’re doing.” It’s so true that people are drawn to positive energy – so the more we can be positive ourselves, the more positive relationships we will have in every aspect of life! Thanks for sharing!
    xo, Haley

  4. Danielle Alexandra

    30 August

    Great article! I agree that your attitude attracts those things into your life. :) Thank you for such an inspiring post to start my week! xo

  5. BTS Event Management

    12 September

    We love this article and couldn’t agree more!

  6. BauceMag

    14 September

    These are great! We want to add it to our list! http://baucemag.com/stop-hating-on-yourself-how-to-end-your-negative-thoughts/

  7. Meghan @ GirlBizOnline.com

    13 October

    Positive self talk is honestly the biggest thing – but so hard for people to do! So important especially when you’re a solopreneur because you need to have your own back 100% ? Love this post xx

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