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Congratulations on downloading your meditation to feel like a rich coach, which is on your way to your inbox as we speak!

Are you ready to go one step deeper
with your abundance rewiring?

The Wealth Consciousness Rewiring Bundle
In this bundle of rituals, you will be able to let go of limiting and negative blocks, and tap into the vibration of money in a new way.
You will feel differently about wealth and your capabilities of increasing your income.
When you download this bundle, you will instantly gain access to:

Negative Block Clearing Meditation:

  • Helps you release and process past hurts so you can release them and the negative beliefs
  • Work with source energy to heal your energy around money, and release scarcity
  • Release the feelings of Not good enough, not lovable, and the feeling that there’s not enough for you

Tapping For Abundance Session:

  • Learn the power of Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping, and feel the sensation of letting go of money blocks
  • Understand how the energy systems work in your body, and how to flow energy
  • Understand when to use tapping, and the perfect times to tap into more abundance

Become Best Friends With Money Hypnosis:

  • Use the power of hypnosis to change your beliefs around money and feel closer to money
  • Release anxiety around money, and feel calmer about your decisions around money
  • Find it easier to ask for money, and have an energy where it’s easy to receive money
Value: $75
When you sign up today, you’re getting it for only $14!
Who Am I?
I’m Reese! I’m a Master Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. I grew up broke, and then in a broken home, and I felt like there was never enough for me, and I wasn’t good enough to have more. It wasn’t until I started working on my own money beliefs that I realized that I was meant for more, and I broke through the glass ceiling by starting my business in the coaching world, and I help my clients create multiple six figures doing what they love!

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