How I Run a 7-Figure Coaching Business as a Mom

What does it take to be a mom AND run a 7-figure mindset coaching business? Before my son Isaiah was born, I did have limiting beliefs pop up that my income might go down when I had a baby, but I’m happy to report the opposite turned out to be true! In fact, the month Zay was born was our first $200K month! So in today’s blog, I’m sharing the best tips and tricks I’ve picked up (so far!) on how to grow a successful coaching business while being deeply present as a mom.

If you’ve been following my journey, you know that in early 2020 I was pregnant, and I gave birth to my son Isaiah in August 2020. 

Since becoming a mom, I’ve had so many people reach out to me thanking me for being an example for them that you can be a mom, earn a great living, and feel successful.

And I get it — there’s a huge narrative in the world that we have to choose one thing we really love and that we can’t have both.

I choose not to believe it.

Now that I’m a mom, it’s true that I’m not able to work as much as I used to, which means that I have to make every minute count… both the time I spend with my baby and the time I spend on my business. 

Before I gave birth, my business was doing 6-figure months, and the month I had Zay was my first $200K month.

The amazing thing was, I had taken a few weeks off in July when my husband had a health scare, and I had to learn to let go and let my team support me through that time.

I took a few weeks away from working all together.

And still, despite all that, the month Isaiah was born was the biggest month in my business yet. 

This really showed me that what it takes to keep growing a million-dollar business isn’t about me working all the time… it’s about me putting my energy into the places where I can have the most impact, and building the support around me to make it possible to keep growing.

At the same time, family is my number one core value, and it’s SO important to me to spend time with Isaiah because he’s growing so fast. 

I know that this is a challenge that so many moms with businesses face, so I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up that have made it possible for me to spend as much time as possible with him AND run a 7-figure coaching business as a mom!

1) This Time Is Precious… Remember to Cherish It

Recently, I was looking at the size of Isaiah’s head and realizing that it is so much bigger than it was when he was born. There’s no way I would’ve been able to give birth to that big head now! (lol) 

(By the way, if you’re curious how I used my hypnotherapy training to give birth naturally, check out this blog!) 

He’s starting to laugh and talk back, and he even has his own mumbly version of “I love you.

Run Coaching Business As A Mom

So if you’re a mom with a coaching business, my first tip to you is this:

Cherish this time.

Don’t resist the present moment.

When you’re spending time with your baby, you don’t always want to be thinking “I should be working.” 

Soak up this time as much as possible, and see how you can integrate your baby into your day.

I remember early on, I was on a coaching call talking about the challenges of running my business as a new mom, and my coach asked me a question that blew my mind.

“How can you make Isaiah a partner in your learning?”

This one question opened up so much for me.

It was then I realized… if I’m in a meeting or taking a course, Isaiah is hearing all that incredible information. He gets to benefit from seeing the behind-the-scenes of his mom running a 7-figure coaching business… how amazing is that?

As someone who is obsessed with everything about the subconscious mind, I’m very cognizant about everything he’s consuming and learning, because I know how much it’s programming his outlook on the world. 

(In fact, I recently had an aha moment about the content he watches that I wrote about in this IG post!)

Also, as much as I’ve meditated, done energy work, taken personal development courses, and practiced modalities to raise my vibration and elevate my mindset, Isaiah is becoming one of my greatest teachers.

I’m learning so much by being his mom, and really slowing down and being present with him, and those are lessons I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Make sure to follow YES SUPPLY on Instagram, where I post more behind-the-scenes tips and tricks on how I integrate Isaiah into my life and business. 


2) Prioritize, Automate, Delegate, Eliminate 

There are a lot of marketing gurus out there who will tell you that you need a podcast, Facebook bot, and all these hacks and strategies to grow your coaching business…

…But the thing is, you can keep it really simple and still create a lot of success.

So make sure that you prioritize what really matters.

Sit down and look at:

What’s actually moving the needle in my business?

What’s attracting clients? 

What’s earning revenue?

Anything that’s filling up your schedule but not getting results MIGHT just be busywork.

I know I was definitely there at the beginning of my business… filling up my to-do lists with tasks that weren’t even moving the needle.

As a mom to a new baby, it’s even more important that in those moments that you’re spending on work, you’re only focused on what’s helping you get closer to your goals.

Ask yourself:

Is there anything I can delegate? 

Anything I can automate?

Is there anything I can eliminate?

And if you need some inspiration, check out this IG Reel I made on the top 7 things for 7-figure coaches to delegate


3) Create a Schedule That Works For You

I tend to work when Isaiah is napping, or spending time with his dad or grandma.

I’ve never been one to create and stick to an hour-by-hour schedule… but having themes for each day I work is helpful for me.

Look at your week and ask yourself, are there certain days and times you can designate for certain tasks?

For me, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days I do podcast interviews or take meetings with clients or students in the YES SUPPLY METHOD

As a new mom, taking a shower is often a luxury, so it saves a lot of effort to only have certain days of the week I need to get up and put makeup on.

On Friday mornings, I take my team call, which Zay usually sits in on with me, and then I have the rest of the day to spend time with him. I like having him with me in those meetings, especially during quarantines and lockdowns here in Ontario, because I want him to hear other peoples’ voices. 

My husband George also has a business, so every morning that he’s working, I’m scheduled to be fully present with Isaiah, watching him learn and grow, and talking to him. 

Then in the afternoons, George takes over and I have time to get some work done, reply to my team’s needs, and work on the ideas that have come to me throughout the week. 

By scheduling out my week like this, I know what to expect on each day, and there’s room for me to go with the flow as well. 


4) Batch Content As Much As You Can

On that note, I’ve also found it helpful to batch as much content as I possibly can. 

By scheduling photo shoots or video shoots on the same day, I can get dressed up and put on makeup and create enough content for my team to use for a month at a time.

Every month, I meet up with my social media manager and we plan out the whole month.

By going through this process once a month and getting everything scheduled, I’m not worried about content creation every single day.

I go into detail on how I batch content for my YouTube channel, which my team can then take and repurpose across social media, in this IG video. Check it out!


5) Work Off Your Phone As Much As Possible

It’s amazing how much work you can get done on your phone… this is a huge hack for me!

Isaiah naps better if I’m next to him, so instead of sneaking away, I just lie with him and work off of my phone.

I Slack my team, chat with them, answer questions, and discuss upcoming promotions and trainings. 

I can check my schedule and plan as many things as possible so that when I do have that focused work time, I can go straight into execution mode. 

Since my schedule depends on Zay’s schedule, I tend to have ideas come to me at random times. So I love to use voice notes or voice to text when I’m playing with him to capture those moments of inspiration.

Later, when he’s napping, I organize everything, and then when I’m in execution mode, I have all those plans ready to go!


6) Don’t Try To Do It All Yourself

This one is huge for 7-figure business owners, especially if you’re a new mom…

…Get help everywhere you can!

I used to try to do everything by myself in my business, but the more you grow, the more that’s just not sustainable, and it’s SO important to delegate wherever you can. 

To help with that, I’ve been practicing the belief, “Other people can do so many things better than me!” 

I think about the incredible cleaners who come to my house once a week, which is amazing because it gives me one less thing to focus on… and if I were to try to clean my house as well as they do, it would literally take me all week!

A while ago, I was doing a photoshoot, and Isaiah’s grandma came with me to hang out with him while I took photos. That meant I got to spend time with my mom AND my baby while getting my photos done! 

So don’t be shy — the people in your life want to support you because they believe in you!

And if you’re finding yourself tired, stressed, or frustrated as a new mom (or just by life in general 😅), I highly recommend using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) to release those emotions.

EFT Tapping is one of my favorite tools we teach within the YES SUPPLY METHOD.

Try this Tapping video and feel free to get your family involved too! 💕


7) Just Show Up As The Full You

A while back, I was being interviewed on a podcast all about my journey to starting and growing my business.

As we were nearing the end of the podcast, I started to hear Isaiah crying in the background.

George was taking care of him, but in a few moments the cries progressed from whines to full-on meltdown mode.

There’s just some moments where you know… he’s crying for mommy.

So in the middle of the podcast interview, I said “Hold on, I just have to check on my baby!”

Once Isaiah was in my arms, he immediately calmed down, I walked back into my home office and finished the interview with him on my lap…

…And it was actually the cutest thing ever.

I thanked the interviewer for being so understanding, and for any edits she and her team would have to do. And it was such a beautiful moment because she was so understanding and so kind.

She talked about how as a mom herself, there were so many times she wanted to do a live stream, or a podcast, but worried there would be noise in the background from the little one. 

Seeing me grab my baby turned out to be an inspiration for her to integrate her family into her passion — and not let anything hold her back from doing what she loves.

It’s my belief that the ones who are meant to hear your message and the inspiration you share want the WHOLE you — not just the one that can show up when there’s a babysitter arranged — but the full and real you!

So no matter what your dreams may be, just know that your baby can be a partner in your learning and come along for the ride with you.

And if your dream involves becoming a mindset coach who works with powerful modalities to work with the subconscious mind, the YES SUPPLY METHOD is the perfect place for you. You can become certified as a coach from the comfort of your home through our online certification program!

You’ll become certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping, and more, plus you’ll learn how to transform and coach your client to success, how to create a signature program, how to earn while helping others deeply, and how to use social media marketing to help you amplify your message, grow your audience, and reach more people. Watch my 5-Step Coaching System Masterclass to get started!

Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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