She Made $5k on Her First Course

She Made $5k on Her First Course! | In Italian (Yes Supply Review)

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Sequences, I will add more content, maybe some updates or yeah. And 140 people subscribed to the mini-course, so I was like, “Oh my God, that’s amazing!”

Hello, hi Veronica, hi Resse, nice to be here. Yeah, I’m so excited to have you here, and I’m so excited to be chatting with you about all your great successes.

So, uh, you reached out to me, I think last week or a couple of weeks ago, and you were telling me how you just launched your EFT course, uh, EMT for money mindset course, and you’re like, “I made two thousand dollars in two days.” And by the end of the launch, you had made over four thousand, or is that four thousand dollars per thousand Euros?

Uh, it was almost 5,000 Euros.

Okay, that’s amazing! And what is so cool, too, is the product costs 33 euros, so that means you were reaching a lot of people to be able to get to 5,000. And I know a lot of times when someone signs up for a smaller thing, it kind of gets them used to you, gets them to fall in love with you, and then a lot of times they want to sign up for your bigger programs too. So congratulations on that big launch! Thank you.

What I thought was so incredible about what you’re doing is, even though you learned coaching in English with the SFI method, you’re translating all of your learnings into Italian, and you’re running your business in Italian. And I just got to say that I think it’s such a beautiful language. Actually, I used to be a nanny when I was 18, and the family, even though the family I was living with was just outside of Paris, they all spoke Italian, and I actually picked a little bit. Amazing!


It’s such a beautiful language, and actually, the father of the family said something to me, and it absolutely changed my life. He’s, because I think the mom was mad at me about something I did. I was only 18, I wasn’t that great, and he said something like “Chi non fa, non falla” or something like that. I obviously didn’t say that right, but it’s like, “yeah, he who does nothing makes no mistakes.” Can you say that?

Um, yeah, it was like, yeah, I don’t know exactly how it translates, but yeah. [Applause] Something like that, beautiful. Yeah, so I was like, that actually just that little phrase, it actually changed my whole life because I’m like, of course, if I do nothing, I’m not gonna make mistakes. And even building my business to where it is, of course, I’ve done great things, and I’ve made mistakes too, and that’s how we learn, that’s how we get to where we are.

So anyway, back to you. I want for you to share who you are, um, yeah, who you are, what you do, and just let everyone know a little bit more about you. Thank you! Okay, I’m so excited.


What do you do to be here?

Um, so I started coaching. It was like almost two years ago, and I was very passionate about women empowerment specifically. But then I wanted to combine manifestation mindset, money mindset specifically, into my coaching, uh, because of course, I struggled with money. So I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna figure this out, and I will teach other women, especially Italian women, how to be empowered in their finances, how to be financially independent, and all of that.”

Um, and yeah, like I, we were talking earlier, I just found out, I think it was two years ago, even more than two years ago, I was starting money following manifestation waves. So, Catherine Zinkina, and I was listening to your podcast that she did with you, and everything you said, and she said, like it was very inspiring to me. And I said to myself, “I want to be like Manifestation Babe or like Reese in Italian.” So I wanted to be a leader in this industry for my country, like in my country.

So that’s why I’m just really wanted to take everything I could and learn, uh, and to translate everything for my people, like for my Italian women around, like, here. So yeah, uh, that was the beginning. Um, and actually, uh, I think I, I read The Secret when I was 13-14 years old, so everything wasn’t new for me, uh, manifestation, all of that. But I, I didn’t actually know how the subconscious mind is so powerful to, like, really manifest the life that you want.

So when I went through the program, uh, I actually learned so much that I could actually, basically, Quantum Leap in my business, uh, opening up to this mini-course, launching this product, and like taking very inspired action into these months that just flew by. It allowed me to really, like, expand my business, feeling empowered, feeling like I am going to be the leader in my industry. Like, it feels real now. Um, I wasn’t feeling that empowered before.

Yes, so yeah, okay, so that’s amazing! And right before I call, you said, once you heard about Yes Supply, you were like, “I know I need to sign up; it doesn’t matter how much it costs.” So, I love that you set your intention on that, and you said that you saved up for a bit before you joined. No, actually.


How much did you save?

Um, I, when I found out about you and about Yes Supply, I had savings that my mom left me when she passed away. Um, and, but I didn’t want to touch that money. Like, it was kind of a limiting belief of mine that I should keep that money; I didn’t want to expand that money. And, like, after one year, I actually waited so long to make this commitment to myself because I really wanted to be ready. I really wanted to feel that this was something that actually was an investment in myself and in my business, so I really wanted to be sure.

Um, it’s not that I wasn’t sure earlier, but I was like still trying, still like, um, learning from an Italian program about coaching, all of that. Um, so yeah, a year later, I started coaching, and in my first launch of my one-to-one program, I made 5K. So, I was selling my program for around 600 euros. So, even a low price for, I mean, in general, you can charge even more, but I was just starting out, and I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna make 5K, and when I make that, I can sign up for Yes Supply.”

So, I did it. I think I made a couple of stories on Instagram, saying, “Look, I’m building this program. I’m so passionate about manifestation, money mindset. Um, I want to help you, help other women to reach their goals.” And ten people showed up for, like, a discovery call, and all the ten women said yes to my program. And so, I was, “Okay, this is working. Like, this is actually what I should do.”

Um, and then, yeah, after that, I think I have done the discovery call with Olivia, and everything about the call was amazing. Like, she was super nice. I was very, like, I felt very in, like, a safe place, like the community you built. It was, like, so reassuring. So, the application thing, even talking with Olivia, was very much, like, I felt home. I felt like, “Okay, this is what I need to do.” I knew that before, but I was even more sure now.

And so, yeah, in January 2022, I think, yeah, I joined the self-paced program. But I, I completely, like, um, I wasn’t committed to the Mastery calls. And then, in October, I was, “Okay, I need a cohort. I need someone, like, making this more a community thing.” And I was actually in the same cohort as Emily. I know you interviewed her. Um, so, yeah, and, I mean, all the girls there were amazing. Like, they are amazing. We are still keeping up on WhatsApp or in a group that we created.

So, yeah, I just felt amazing being there. Um, yeah, so many people, like, physically make lifelong friendships in the Yes Supply method. Yeah, so tell me, how was your journey going through the Yes Supply method, and, like, what are some standout moments or what did it do for you?


How was your journey?

Okay, it was actually a very transitional time in my life also because I had just separated from my partner. So, I was going through this kind of very rough moment where I felt my life was unsure. I wasn’t in a very stable situation, so I was also transitioning and feeling anxiety.

Going through the program was actually perfect for me to regulate my nervous system, like doing a lot of EFT tapping, which is my favorite. I was doing that even through your YouTube videos. I’m a fan; I think I’ve watched all of them and I’ve been practicing EFT like crazy. But actually going through the program with other people, other coaches, and being coached, and having the techniques done on me allowed me to really regulate and be clear also around my business, what I really wanted to do, and feeling empowered.

Kind of okay, I released a lot of limiting beliefs, a lot of uncomfortable emotions, and I was actually ready to do that next step in my business. Amazing! Yeah, I think so many people forget it’s not just about strategy and taking action. You have to give yourself that time for self-care, stepping into the embodiment of the coach that you want to be, and having that inner transformation, which will just overflow into the people that you help through your coaching as well. Absolutely!

So, like I was sharing, a lot of people say, “I don’t know if coaching is a thing in my country. I don’t know if coaching is a thing in my language.” So, did you have that fear or limiting belief?


How did you overcome your fear?

Um, yeah, at first, I’ve been in many programs, many masterminds, and doing other programs. I remember one of the first that I’ve gone through was a mastermind with a lot of women entrepreneurs from the States, and I was asking them, “Girls, should I do my business in Italian?” And they said, “You should go where the money is,” so they suggested me to open up my business in English to help other English-speaking people.

I was reflecting on that, and I was like, “You know what? I think I was born in Italy for a reason, so I really want to inspire other Italian women to manifest their dream life.” I really wanted to take this as a mission, you know, to bring everything from Italian-speaking to the United States. I mean, I know you guys are a little bit ahead in this game, so in everything talking about manifestation and all of that, we don’t have that many resources.

So I was like, “Okay, I can be a leader here. I can also take everything I’ve learned and translate it into my language, so even here, people can learn more about subconscious reprogramming, manifestation, universal laws, and all of that.” So yeah, at first, I was unsure, but then I was reflecting on there is a reason why I’m here, so it’s not by any chance. I mean, the universe put me here, so I should be for Italian women.

I love that. And did you have to do any techniques to help you overcome that, or it was just a reframe in your mind? You just knew? No, I just knew. I think it was very like an intuitive feeling, and yeah, it was just really my higher self talking to me and saying, “Okay, there is a reason why you’re here,” and I was like, “Okay, I’m going to do it.”

I love that. And how are people responding in Italy to the work that you’re doing, talking about the subconscious mind, manifestation mindset, EFT? Uh, yeah, I…


Is there a need to know more about manifestation?

I think they are very interested. Every time I do a live with someone else, every time I post something about it, or even the mini-course that I’ve launched, I think there is a need in Italy to know more about this topic. Manifestation is coming to a point where people are very much interested in it. So, yeah, they are responding very well, and I’m so passionate about it that I’m not surprised people are trying to learn more about this.

Yeah, so my next question, and something that I’m sure a lot of people are going to want to know, is: tell us all about your launch.


Starting from the beginning,

okay. So, when I graduated from Yes Supply, I actually started working with a friend, let’s say because we are friends now, Emi. She suggested that I start coaching with her, and she was my coach. We set some goals, and I was like, “You know, I really want to go more passively in my business. I really want to launch more offers. I just want to go a little bit further, not just doing one-on-one sessions or one-on-one programs.” So, we did a lot of reprogramming around that, talking in a bigger context with a lot of people, coaching a lot of people together, and also around my money mindset because I still had some limiting beliefs around money.


Upgrading her brand,

I actually felt this need to upgrade my brand, so I really wanted to make my brand a higher experience for my clients. Two years earlier, I met Gloria through Yes Supply, and she is a web designer. She has done the program, so she has a lot of knowledge around everything, I mean she knows all the techniques and everything we’ve learned. We were texting; she also has two kids, so she’s a young mom like me, and we connected a lot. I think we were texting through Instagram, and she said, “Look, I’m launching my web design and branding business; are you interested to know more?” I was like, “I think I do.” So, we made a discovery call. At that point, I didn’t have money to invest in anything; I was, you know, dealing with the separation and all of that. I wasn’t in a good situation money-wise, but I felt that I needed to talk with Gloria, and I really wanted to connect with her and know more about her work.

So, we made this discovery call, and throughout the whole call, I was feeling chills in my body, and a voice was telling me, “You need to sign up with her, you need to pay her, and you need to make this a higher-level brand.” So, I said, “Gloria, I don’t have that much money to invest, but can we make it work?” We made a deal, and I started working with her. I told her about all the offers I wanted to launch in my business, and she immediately understood everything. She understood my mission, and she understood that I wanted to be perceived as a leader in Italy. We renovated my whole brand, my whole website, and she built everything with the platform.

We were supposed to launch at the end of March, but we postponed the date, and we ended up launching around my birthday. It was perfect because everyone was texting me “happy birthday,” and I was texting back, “Look, I have this offer now!” We made the launch very intuitive. I was very sure about how to explain EFT because I had been doing it for almost two years. It’s been amazing for me; doing EFT was very transformational. I felt that shift in my mindset and my emotions. I also learned how to regulate myself. That was huge.

We launched the EFT course, and we said it’s going to be Evergreen but also a growing offer, so I will add more sequences, more content, and maybe some updates or stuff like that. 140 people subscribed to the mini-course, so I was like, “Oh my God, that’s amazing!” That’s such a great number to hit, and then your client base is going to grow from there because they’re going to say, “Oh my gosh, I love this EFT! What else can I do working with Veronica?” I had been creating content around EFT before I launched the EFT course, so that definitely contributed to the success of the launch.


Creating a freebie library

was a key strategy for the launch. In the two years leading up to it, I had been creating a lot of PDFs, EFT sequences, and meditations for my one-on-one clients. So, we decided to rebrand all the PDFs and workbooks, upload the videos and audios, and create a freebie library, which I was inspired to do after seeing Manifestation Lab’s freebie library. I really wanted to have a big collection of freebies that people could enjoy and see what I could do for them.

We launched the freebie library, which has around 30 resources, and about 300 people signed up for it just before the launch of the mini-course. After about two weeks, we launched the EFT mini-course, and it was great to build up excitement for it. I had done EFT sequences around imposter syndrome and confidence but didn’t include any EFT sequences around money since I wanted to sell that as a product.

I believe that giving a lot of value for free pays back in the long run. There’s a universal law that whatever you give has to come back to you. Leading up to the launch, I used Instagram and my podcast to share content about universal laws and other related topics. These were my main platforms. We also did an email sequence for the launch, and I shared something related to EFT or inspirational reels on Instagram every day.

Before and during the launch, I was very consistent on social media and posted stories daily. I think I’ve diminished the limiting beliefs or resistance I had around selling, knowing that the work I offer is valuable. Selling, in this case, is more about educating people about the benefits of EFT and how it can help them, rather than pushing or forcing them into a purchase.

As we teach in Yes Supply’s Yes To Dream Clients program, selling is about educating and raising awareness of the incredible modality of EFT, which has numerous peer-reviewed studies showing its effectiveness for mindset, money mindset, and even physical ailments. By offering the EFT course at an affordable price of 33 euros, it becomes a no-brainer for people who want to improve their lives through this powerful technique.


Benefits of EFT – Yeah, exactly! I really wanted to make that a no-brainer because I think it’s, I mean, I think it’s so powerful. And actually, people are messaging like, “Guy, they are DM-ing me now about the benefits.” They already feel lighter, they feel, and I was like, “Yeah, this is what I want. I really want people to feel lighter, to release stress, release anxiety around money, release shame or guilt or whatever it is, you know?” So yeah, I’m so glad that that shift happened before the launch, you know? So, I loved it! Oh my gosh, that’s so exciting and so good to know that you’re out there, you’re helping people, and helping people in Italian like who might not have ever gotten access to this. And you didn’t take what you learned and then translate it, yeah, too because you’re definitely the first EFT practitioner I know of in Italy, yeah.

More people talking about EFT – I think, no, I think I don’t remember, but now I’m starting to see more people talking about EFT, even in Italian. I mean, they are not maybe coaches, or they are not manifestation and mindset coaches, but there are some programs talking about EFT. But it’s more for emotions in general, you know? It’s not like targeted to money mindset or success or, you know, being, because I’m mostly for entrepreneurs, like women entrepreneurs, digital entrepreneurs, coaches, or yeah.

I love that. As you reflect back on your journey, is there any other things that you think really helped you shift to get to where you are right now? Like, you mean in my recent time or like any last things that you want to share, maybe a shift that you have while you’re at the Yes Supply Method, anything like that?


“Being consistent with your practices? Um, yeah, I I’ve started. I think I’ve taken this advice I think that you give in a lot of videos that I saw, probably that I became my best best client, so yeah I’ve really started to be consistent with my practices with my rituals.

Um, I started to work on my own mindset first and I was really embodying that, you know, version of myself that I now, if if you ask me and you are my client and you ask me Veronica what do you do for your mindset I can tell you every single day what I do for my mindset, you know, so and that I think is very powerful full to attract from that energy of being very like you talk you walk the talk how it’s called, yeah, yeah. So your living embodiment of your work and that you can teach so much easier because you’re just saying what you did, yeah, to reach for it, yeah?

Um, what would you say to someone who’s thinking of joining the S supply method certification? Just do it! I mean, I think…

Transformational. It was the best decision in my business and I think also in my life, because it’s it’s so like you know, it it’s it’s transformational. I mean, if you if you go through the program and you actually take it uh, very seriously and you do it for yourself first, it can really shift your whole like word your your mindset but also your life. I was very like transformed by it, so yeah, yes it’s it’s amazing.

Thank you, thank you for sharing that. Thank you, and um, let us know, what are you up to in your business currently and where can anyone follow you who wants to follow along with what you’re what we’re doing?

Passive Offer? Okay, so yeah, I’m next thing I think I want to launch another passive offer, so it’s going to be I think a bundle of meditation subliminals like audio, so if you want something similar and you are Italian of course, because it’s gonna be everything in Italian, uh, but um, you can find me on Veronica Testa coach on Instagram or VeronicaTesta.com, that’s my website. Let me know how your lunch for your meditations.

Excited to hear how it goes! Well, thanks so much for being here, sharing your story, sharing about how important it is if you’re feeling that call to coach in your language or in your country like you can do it, you don’t have to be like everyone else, you can be the leader in the way that you want to be. Thanks for sharing with us how successful your launch was as well, yeah? Thank you so much. It’s been amazing to talk with you, so thank you!


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