Having a positive mindset makes a HUGE difference in your day, have a better career and business. You'll live a more balanced life. Learn how you can start being nice to yourself and practice self love everyday!

Six Ways To Have A Positive Mindset

In my point of view, having a positive mindset is one of the most important things to make sure you have. Without a positive mindset, it’s extremely difficult to progress in pretty much any area of your life, whether it be work, studies, travel or even your social life. Everybody has their down days, it’s just a factor of life, but getting yourself back up when you do have these days is what counts.

Six Ways To Have A Positive Mindset

Positivity has affected immensely throughout my life and I have had to rely on my natural ability to be positive (which I am incredibly lucky to have!) to get me through these situations.

An event which has impacted my life an intense amount was the divorce of my parents. In the lead up to this I was trapped in a very negative space and even writing about this now I feel as though I am sinking inside. A friend of mine recently brought up the divorce today and it gave me that same feeling. I suppose thinking about the issue puts me in a very dark mindset, which drags my mood down and makes me feel upset and angry. From this I understand the difficulty of getting out of negativity, but I find that busying yourself really gives you, like I will mention multiple times throughout this post, a sense of purpose and a lovely sense of hope, that will really get you through.

In this post I will be sharing with you little things that you can do to help improve your mindset, which will then lead to a happier, healthier you!

Yoga or Exercise

Yoga is absolutely incredible for de-stressing and it is a form of mindfulness that you won’t get bored with. Platforms such as Youtube are incredible to receive free tutorials of specific yoga practices based on what you are looking for, whether it be yoga to wake you up, yoga to stretch or yoga to relax. An amazing yoga channel to check out is ‘Yoga with Adriene’ as she is so lovely and relatable, but she also knows what she’s talking about! If yoga isn’t for you however, then for some people who are more into the fast paced lifestyle, doing your favorite form of exercise is the perfect way to completely clear your head from what may be putting you in a bad mindset, and allows you to gain a new perspective on things. If there is a beach anywhere near your home, then I would suggest going for a brisk walk or run by/on that beach, as there is something about the openness of the space that will really help you to stay calm and therefore happy.


listening to music can alter your mood and turn it into whatever you want it to be! Music is really powerful in that sense, which makes it perfect for changing that mindset. Listening to upbeat music can help you feel happy, positive and ready for the day, however listening to calm, relaxing yet also positive music can set you up for the day also, it is just based on how you feel is the best way to approach yourself to make yourself feel better. Some Spotify playlists that I would recommend (that I have regularly on repeat!) are the ‘Lazy Sunday’ playlist if you are into slightly alternative and calm music, or the ‘The Happy Playlist’ playlist for, again, interesting music that you haven’t heard of, yet lovely positive vibes as well.

Taking a Relaxing Bath or Shower

To some this may seem like a bit of a weird one but you will be surprised at just how amazing you feel after one, in particular when you are not in the best of head-spaces. In my opinion, baths are absolutely amazing for just being able to completely zone out, read something, watch something and take care of any skincare. I find that after I have baths I just feel like a completely new person, and I think that even if you don’t necessarily have a negative mindset, but more so just a very stressed out one, then this is even more relevant. Surrounding yourself with beautiful products for places such as (my favorites) ‘Lush’ or ‘The Body Shop’, makes this time even more special and important.If you are, however, stripped for time, then a shower gives a similar experience for a fraction of the time.

Getting Productive

Finally, something that I believe helps me immensely to feel good about myself and good about life in general is being productive. Being productive from my perspective would be the most important tip in this post as it gives you a sense of purpose, and having set intentions for your day really makes you feel better and much more focused than otherwise. Something to busy yourself with if you are lacking in intentions for the day is cleaning, because as well as giving yourself something to do, it is also working to achieve a task that is of vital importance to do anyway, and the result will leave you with a lovely fresh, new and clean feeling for your day, week, or even month!

Healthy Eating Habits

This one is a little bit ironic coming from myself, but eating good wholesome foods, particularly at the start of your day, will make you feel better by a significant amount. Simple, light meals throughout the day are also the way to go to prevent sluggishness, which for me is one of the worst feelings to have, yuck! By keeping yourself healthy, you’re also improving your quality of life in general, which will no doubt lead to positivity. You’ll have more strength to go hiking, play your favorite sport or walk with your dog. A healthy body and therefore mind means less stress and more chances to enjoy the things and the people you love.

Set Yourself Your Own Personal Mantra

This task is very powerful for having a positive mindset. Many people disregard this idea and don’t believe that it works, but the funny thing is that if you believe it does work, then it does! Having belief in something is very heavily related to positivity, which is why coming up with two or three mantras can really make you feel positive and affirmed with what are you trying to achieve that day, if not year. Go for a little research session through Pinterest or any other similar site, and find some quotations that mean a lot to you, or even come up with your own! Repeating these ‘mantras’ daily will then ease your mind into believing that those quotes are very real and very much relate o you as a person.

I hope these six tasks/activities will help you to pick yourself back up from a negative situation, or even uphold a positive mindset that you so gratefully have. Positivity to me is one of the most important parts of life, so why ignore it when it’s so easy to have?


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Six Ways To Have A Positive Mindset

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