social media prep course

This course is designed to help you get a solid foundation when building your social media strategy and knowing where to start to build a solid foundation to create an amazing, loyal and engaged community.

social media is a tool to help you control your world, not the other way around. I’ll be showing you how to build your online community, and not lose your mind.


I take you through the fundamentals you need to consider to build a cohesive social media strategy, based on what I learned building a community of 11K on instagram in a year, and thousands of followers across twitter, facebook, and pinterest.

Can’t wait to see you build yours, and make sure to use the #yessupply.

Chances are you’re already on social media. But how are you doing on social media?

Are you spending a ton of time on social media but not seeing any growth? Are you posting pictures, captions and videos without any direction of where you’re planning on taking your platform and who you hope you connect to?


It’s time for you to do an instagram audit to see where you’re at.

Once you can grasp where you’re at on every area of social media, then you can make a plan to move forward and see an impact.

Are you spending too much time on social media?

Which platforms are you on?

Are you repurposing content? This will save you a ton of time and energy.

Are you focusing on the right social media platforms for your niche? We’ll cover the best ones in the video.

Are you speaking in the right language to connect with your customers?

Are you using the right imagery and colors to evoke emotions?

Are you posting consistently? Are you posting in the right time zone?

Do your customers have post notifications turned on?

Do  you create posts that ellicit a response, encourage your customers to turn post notifications on and return to your page again and again?

Are you spending your time on the right platform?

Are you seeing the results you should from each. Each platform has a different purpose and is best for different industries so you should be aware of this.

Facebook- All

Facebook groups- Coaching

Instagram- Social Proof

Pinterest- How to’s and DIY

Twitter- Social proof and current events



If not, we’ll cover all of this in the upcoming lessons. If you’re looking for more traffic to your business site, you should probably be focusing on either pinterest or great SEO.

In this section, we’re going to be defining what social media platform you should be on, and what the key metrics should be for each platform so you can align them with your goals.

Consider if your goals are:


Simply growing your following on this platform- Social Proof

Growing your email list

Selling a product

Selling affiliate products


• Finding Inspiration

• Using Pinterest, Instagram, and Your Surroundings to create a cohesive look and feel for your online platform

• Ask yourself do these imagery align with A something you like, and B what your target reader/client would enjoy?

• How to collect all of your images and ensure that you are creating a beautiful and cohesive look and feel

• An example of a branding board to refer back to everytime you are using imagery and fonts while creating your brand

You’ll also want to ensure that you can get all the social media handles with a name that’s associated with your blog.


You definitely don’t want to start out with an instagram handle like “myblog22341”.


Go snatch up all the social media handles of the platforms you’ll use the most, even if you don’t intend on building your presence on them just yet.



Facebook Page

Facebook Group






You can add a profile picture, and brief description in all of them, but only focus on building your presence on 1-or max-2 platforms for now.

social media guides

 Download the updated hashtag strategy guide, and start seeing results on instagram

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 Social media dates that will be #trending this month, and ideas for creative posts

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Download your free guide on how you can start building your mailing list FO FREE with mail chimp. Watch the accompanying vid too!

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