Staying Fit and Healthy Around the Holidays

Staying Fit and Healthy Around the Holidays

Staying Fit and Healthy Around the Holidays

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Staying Fit and Healthy

Everyone has their views on what you should do to be fit and healthy. Just the other day I saw a study saying that a glass of wine is equal to one hour at the gym. How is it is even okay to publish that? Oh, the internet. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed with all the diets and exercise programs out there, to the point that you might not even take action on them.  I really believe that going back to basics is the way to stay balanced and on track with your fitness goals. These are the foundations of staying fit and healthy.

Exercising Regularly

Too many people want to be fit and healthy, but don’t want to exercise. Reason #1: Going to a a gym takes a lot out of your day, plus it can be intimidating Reason #2 Just plain laziness. I get it, why would you leave the warmth of your home with steamed egg nog and rum to brave the cold on the walk to the gym.

The simple truth is that if you aren’t exercising, you won’t be fit and healthy. Lack of exercise actually decreses bone density in women and can lead to osteoporosis. Exercise is good for the body and your mind. You don’t have to go to a gym and exercise for hours on end every day. Studies show that a twenty to thirty-minute workout is still very effective. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with working out at home when you have some spare time on your hands. I love using apps like the Nike Training Club app to help me great intense workout from my loving room. Regular exercise is a must if you want to be fit.

Making Healthy Adjustments To Your Diet

Diet is obviously very important when it comes to being fit and healthy. If you want the body of your dreams, you have to eat well, there’s no way around it. This is where a lot of people hit a wall because they don’t eat healthy enough. My top tip is to look for healthier alternatives to certain foods. Instead of using sugar, use a 100% natural stevia sweetener. Instead of normal table salt, use Himalayan salt instead. Replace regular potatoes with sweet potatoes. Drink fresh juice instead of a soft drink. When you find healthier alternatives to things, it will have an impact on your diet. You start consuming less of the unhealthy stuff, and your body will reap the rewards.

Getting Lots Of Sleep

I rarely come across someone that doesn’t talk about feeling tired. It seems like everyone is constantly in a state of tiredness. Which is bad, because sleep is crucial. Getting lots of sleep is essential to your health and fitness goals. When you sleep, your body is still working hard to repair your muscles, and recharge. Not getting enough sleep will make you tired and mean your muscles don’t get a chance to repair, so you’re sore the next day. This makes it harder to exercise and means you have to take it easier. But, when you get a lot of sleep, you feel a lot better and fresher.

Hard Work & Commitment

The final secret is arguably the biggest of all;  you must work hard and be committed. Like anything in life, if you aren’t dedicated to your end goal, you won’t be fit and healthy all year round. You have to continue to put in the hard work and commit yourself to this change in lifestyle. Work hard and you’ll see the results you deserve.

Hopefully, after reading this, you can start to takes the steps to live a fit and healthy life. Questions? Let us know in the comments.

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