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What would you ask for if you knew the answer would be yes? I’m Reese, and I was put on this planet to show you that no matter WHAT you’ve been through, you can create a reality that feels like magic. And to be the best person to show you that…I had to go through a lot.

After growing up in a household full of abuse, feeling singled out and alone as one of the only women ofcolor in my elementary school, and feeling helpless as my mom battled with cancer- I desired and prayed for MORE for my life. I felt like I must be a bad or undeserving person…why else would these bad things happen to me?

And for many years, I dealt with it in all the wrong ways. Looking in all the wrong places to fill a void, starving myself to fit into ‘beauty standards’, being my own biggest bully plaguing myself with hateful names and negative self-talk, and constantly feeling extreme anxiety, and loneliness in a room full of people all at the same time.

I felt trapped in a string of jobs I didn’t like, relationships that didn’t value me, and never reaching what my potential really was, because I was trapped in my old identity of never enoughness. One day, I had a moment of self-reflection.

Why was I allowing so many things to scare me? Why was I refraining from expressing myself? Why was I limiting myself from the abundance I secretly wanted? I discovered that the only thing that was holding me back was the story of my past and how much I thought it was still limiting me.

Ofcourse the world wasn’t telling me YES! I hadn’t yet said it to myself. I then realized that the only thing that was holding me back was what had been programmed in from my childhood. And I made it my mission to find out how Icould change that. I went on a hunt to discover what makes some extraordinary people able to detach from a shaky past to create greatness.

I’ve spent years, and many dollar dollar bills to discover the secrets of the mind, our emotional energy, and the secrets of the universe so Icould share with you a no-nonsense way to release the limitations that have been holding you back, and take a leap into the version of you who has it all! It doesn’t matter if you’ve dealt with abuse, you’ve failed, or you feel trapped in a loop. If Ican break free, so can you. On this website, and in my programs, you will find information that goes deeper than anything you have ever seen before.

We reprogram your mind using the actualcoding language of your mind to take the guess work out of mindset work, and we show you how to energize your goals and visions for reality with the energy of “I want it, I got it” so saying YES to yourself is a natural habit.

I’ve created a five step method that helps leaders, innovators, and influencers like you on your path to achieving what you want, and being who you are meant to be. I do this by using the world’s LEADING mindset and energetictechniques to recode your emotions and subconscious thoughts, so you’ll naturally discover the exact pathway to get what you want from a place of love, ease and flow.

STEPH GRAY / Lead Trainer

Steph is our Lead Trainer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Growing up, Steph used to hold onto negative emotions on a regular basis and often operated out of fear. A lot of this was conditioned behavior from her environment, and like many of us, she didn’t know any other way to be – almost like that was her normal.

That all changed for her when she decided that those stories and that energy was no longer serving her. Since then, she has dedicated her life to learning tools and techniques to empower herself to hold an abundant mindset. In doing so, she has made it her mission to show others what is possible when we invest and pour into ourselves and become our own best client or friend. Once she shifted her energy and started to rewire her subconscious mind, she started to attract more of what she wanted into her life and became a magnet for all of her desires!

Before becoming a Trainer and Master Embodiment and Manifestation Coach, Steph worked a long career in Retail Management and Sales where she became fascinated in how people function and operate and instantly became obsessed with the subconscious mind.

Her favorite part about being the YES SUPPLY Lead Trainer is the opportunity to connect with like minded souls and watch them embark on the beautiful journey of returning home to themselves. Witnessing the personal transformations of each and every student, watching them let go of what’s not serving them and embodying the truest version of them is the most fulfilling thing.

Outside of YES SUPPLY, you can find Steph sipping on Chai or Matcha, listening to R&B and chilling with her 3 year old English Bulldog Ace!


Jess is our UK trainer who grew up in the south of the UK but is currently working out of the USA!

Jess got into the coaching industry through her successful career as a professional dancer. After 10+ years in the industry Jess began to notice a huge lack of self esteem within performers and found her next passion in empowering people within the performing arts industry.

Jess joined the Yes Supply Method and became obsessed with the power of the subconscious mind. She then went on to create a successful coaching business, worked alongside Universities in the UK to bring this work to performers whilst in training and also working with educators within the performing arts industry on how they can work to empower their students with the resources needed to thrive in such a tough industry.

Now as a YES SUPPLY Trainer, Master Coach and Energy Worker she loves to incorporate all of her experiences to maximize the transformation within all sessions and groups! She incorporates movement, energy healing, chakra work & much more and is obsessed with empowering people to create their dreams and find the peace and power within themselves that she herself had been searching for before she found this work.

Jess is a Mum to her beautiful 1 year old son, and loves to also share the tools and techniques we use here with new parents & children too! She loves spending quality time with her family, good food, reality tv, matcha tea lattes and of course, dancing! She is still performing professionally.

Her favourite parts about being a YES SUPPLY Trainer are the connections, the community and witnessing the ripple effect of this work. But most of all it is seeing the personal transformations within the students that fills her soul.

Jess is committed to sharing this work and empowering people to live their most JOYFUL life. She believes that we all have an innate power within us and that we ALL deserve to live our YES life.


Rylee is one of our Toronto-based Trainers, who grew up in rural Ontario, Canada, although she is currently working remotely and exploring new cities all over the world!

Rylee found her love for training and teaching while working in Recreational Aquatics training lifeguards in First Aid and Lifesaving. After stumbling across Reese on a podcast, she quickly said YES to her dream job which combined her love of self-development with training and student success.

Rylee’s favourite part about being a Yes Supply Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Life & Success Coaching, EFT and Neuro Energetic Encoding™ is getting to see students all over the world step into their highest potential and create their YES life.

Her favourite techniques are EFT and Hypnosis because they can be so easily integrated into a daily routine! Rylee has a library of hypnosis she has made for herself and loves to listen to them before bed.

In the next 3 years, Rylee would like to be scuba certified, skydive certified, and learn to speak Spanish and French fluently. She also loves staying active and has a passion for pilates, yoga and meditation.

OLGA BLIAS / Trainer

Olga is our Australia-based Trainer, and was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She got into Coaching because she knew that her purpose was to help people heal and transform their lives from when she was a child. She combines deep Subconscious Mind rewiring, Spirituality, Energy work and Manifesting to provide her clients with truly powerful and permanent transformations!

Olga spent 18 years in the corporate world in the Private Banking and Market Research industries, before she followed her dream to become a Master Transformative Coach.

She is now qualified as a Yes Supply Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Life & Success Coaching, EFT and Neuro Energetic Encoding™, and she is also qualified as a Life Purpose Life Coach, Meditation Teacher Practitioner, Chakra and Energy Healer, and a Reiki Teacher/Master.

Olga’s absolute favorite techniques are TIME Techniques™ and Single Belief Change, because seeing the tremendous and immediate shifts in her clients that these 2 techniques provide, means everything to her.

In her spare time, she loves to chill out with her 2 children Christopher and Emmeline, and their puppy Rumi. She also loves exercise and is quite the foodie, and loves to explore Melbourne’s amazing food scene.

She loves peanut butter (straight from the jar!), martial arts, and has music playing in the background pretty much 24 hours a day. Olga is also very passionate about all things Spirituality, Manifesting and Quantum Physics – she believes that everyone is the most powerful creator of their life and loves learning to tap into that power using Universal Law!


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