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Do you see yourself as a leader of leaders? Are you looking for a way to impact thousands to create exponential change in the world, while creating an incredible income?

Become a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, EFT and Coaching!

Fuel your passion to show people their inner power with an incredible business model!


I remember the moment I decided I was going to become a Trainer. I was in my own Neurolinguistic Programming training and the teacher did a demo with me at the front of the room.

I had a horrendous relationship with coffee prior to that moment. I was so addicted I was drinking 4-5 cups a day- even though every time I had a coffee drink- my stomach would turn and I would get sharp pains in my abdomen.

After that technique, I disliked the taste of coffee and just like that my addiction was gone.

Throughout the techniques in class, I released some of my most limiting beliefs about myself and my capabilities, and let go of emotions that were keeping me small and in fear, and I stepped into a version of myself that felt confident about the work I do and began charging $10,000 for my 3 month coaching package.

I felt on top of the WORLD and I wanted everyone to feel this way.

I felt this urge within me to share this secret code to access our emotions, recode our energetic frequency, and connect to our subconscious minds- our doorway to the infinite.

I wanted everyone to see the power within them to release limitations of the past and live a life of FULLNESS in relationship, MORE THAN ENOUGH with money, and ENERGETIC health!

I knew it was up to me to make a change. I had to be the one to create a ripple in the world.

I set my sights on becoming a Trainer of NLP so I could help more people feel this way, and cater it specifically to people just like me who want to live an INCREDIBLE life, know they are meant to be leaders of world leaders, and are called to serve others in a significant way.

Answer the call.


In this comprehensive Neurolinguistic programming training, you will become a Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life and Success Coaching and TIME Techniques™ and EFT.

You’ll also gain the skill set to become a prophetic speaker, and presenter- with the ability to run live events, trainings and seminars!

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When you attend this training, you’ll complete everything and graduate with:

The behaviours, and methods of the world’s leading trainers and professional speakers

Over the course of the training, you will be taught the subconscious secrets modelled from the world’s leading presenters. You’ll learn the subtle hand gestures, changes in vocal tonality, and stage presence of the world’s leaders in speaking, so you can embody an energy that engages and magnetizes any room and any audience!

A new love, and excitement for speaking in front of others.

Public speaking is people’s number #1 fear! And when we apply NLP, Hypnosis, and EFT to your ability to speak, you’re going to take quantum leaps on the way you show up. You immediately put yourself into new embodiment of a successful, poised, and engaging public speaker!

• You’ll feel in control of your body up in front of a room, meaning you’ll eliminate swaying, fidgeting, and nervous energy when you present your work to the world

• You’ll create anchors of positivity, power and control while speaking in front of a room in any situation

How To Teach To The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

As an Neurolinguistic Programming trainer, you know that the subconscious mind takes care of 99.9996% of our daily actions and behaviours. So why do schools only teach the conscious mind, the 0.004%. Become more proficient in teaching, and communicate in a way that sticks in the minds of your students so that they have better results, rave about all they have learned from you, and have everything they need to immediately implement their learnings and get even better results (which means incredible testimonials and success stories for you and your business)

• Understand how to give your students feedback and navigate Q+A segments, and create teaching moments in all areas of your trainings

Grasp The Learning Styles Of Everyone In Your Audience So You Become More Captivating!

Did you know that every single person has a certain ‘style’ of learning? Unfortunately in our schools, the only type of learning we are taught is downloading vast amounts of information while never learning or understanding how to actually utilize it. There are other types of learning. There are future types of learners who need to know why they would need to know the information and how to apply it to the future. There are learners who need a hands-on exercise within learning to create neural pathways of learning, and there are innovative learners who will better understand the information by mapping out in their minds a variety of unique ways the information could be applied. If you only speak to your audience in the only form of teaching you’re used to, then you run the risk of the other 70-80% of your audience not being able to apply or integrate your knowledge- making your speech and the memorability of it diminish!

• Understand how to give your students feedback and navigate Q+A segments, and create teaching moments in all areas of your trainings

Group Rapport and Establishing Leadership In Any Room

The moment your audience looks at you as an expert and leader, you are able to vastly increase how much money you make, the amount of commentary and positive testimonials you receive, and the respect and cooperation of your audience. You’ll learn how to apply Rapport to a group of hundreds or even thousands, and how to be seen as a leader in any opportunity that comes to you.

• Learn about Group Process and the stages of connecting and bonding that your students and audience goes through so you can create a successful group process

• Gain methods for dealing with different personality types in your trainings and how to handle these as a trainer to help all your future trainings and events run smoothly

Business Training + Event Planning

You’ll learn how to sell your events, trainings and retreats from someone who has sold trainings all over the world and has trained coaches, speakers, and influencers others to do the same. Understand the essential details in planning an incredible training.

Receive The Certification To Train Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Practitioners, and light workers! Become a go-to in your industry. You’ll learn how Reese and her students have created six-figure launches of their certification programs!

Trainers Training Bonuses:

Unlike many trainings out there that ONLY teach you how to train in one modality, by the end of this training you will be fully equipped to teach T.I.M.E Techniques™, Hypnotherapy, Life and Success Coaching, Emotional Freedom techniques and Neurolinguistic Programming.

how to grow your audience trainer nlp eft hypnosis inspire


How to Grow Your Audience as a Stand Out Trainer of NLP, EFT, Hypnosis + Inspire the World

In this training, I will show you some of the tips I’ve used to continuously grow my audience, and connect with the people who are my soul tribe, and dream community!

By doing this in a while that feels good to me, I’ve been able to create phenomenal growth in my coaching certification!


The Mindset of Raising Your Prices

In this training, I will share how I planned and presold the YES SUPPLY certification at six figures, even before the content was completed!


Becoming a Magnetizing Master Mindset Coach + Trainer of Mindset Modalities - Attracting Your Soulmate Students with Your Magic + Energy

In this call, I'm going to be talking about how to not build your Certification by Force, but by being your true magnetic self. Watch how you can create incredible results in your life by mixing joy and play into the mission you have in this world!


Launch Your Training Q&A Session

In this training, I answered some of the most common questions our trainers had about launching their own certification.


How to use the Trainers Training Teaching Techniques in Your Online Content! - Teaching + Discussion Session

In this training, I dive deep into how the teaching and speaking techniques learned at the Trainer Level can be used in your messaging, posts, and videos to help you impact people in a deeper way, attract the clients who need your help, and create more abundance, for ANY program or service you offer!


How I Pre-Launched My Six-Figure Certification Program


Raising Your Abundance Frequency to Become a Millionaire

On my journey from selling my first $7 subscription to creating a million-dollar coaching business, and helping thousands of people, I had to massively uplevel my frequency to become a magnetic match of what I desire.

In this training, I´ll share with you how you can maintain the energetic frequency to manifest what you want.

This training will be led online, virtually with Master Trainer, Brenda Gardner Jones.

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*Note: In order to attend this training you must have completed the YES SUPPLY™ METHOD Practitioner Level Training AND the YES SUPPLY™ METHOD MASTER PRACTITIONER training - or a training from an approved institute. Please email if you have questions on if your training is approved.

There has NEVER been a better time to become a Trainer of Coaches. Coaching is a BILLION dollar industry and growing by the day. There are millions of people actively seeking coaching training to uncover the secrets of the unconscious mind, be able to create measurable results with their clients, and feel confident as a coach and hypnotherapist. With this training, you will be able to give people that gift.

YES SUPPLY™ is known as a training company that leaves its students with an upleveled vibration of self worth, the ability to manifest success and financial abundance (Many of our students hit six-figures within the first year after being certified) and deep-lasting friendships and connections. You know when you join a YES SUPPLY™ Training that you are equipped with the tools to create a life of abundance, a business of fulfillment and the connections that support you to reach the quantum version of your goals and desires.


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Q: Do You Offer A Payment Plan?

A: Absolutely. My #1 commitment is bringing the education and tools you need to be successful to you in an affordable way. Head to the bottom of the page to check out with your payment plan.

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