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Now You’re Talking My Language

I found myself frustrated with myself while job hunting a while back. So many jobs require applicants to be bilingual. I thought, why didn’t I pay more attention in school, why didn’t I stay after class to practice conversing with others that lived to speak french. My French was pretty good once and I even lived in France for a short stint! However, when you are not practicing it and do not stay on top of your lessons it starts to fade out.

Committing to taking a language course can take a lot out of your day. After a long day at work, taking lessons rear themselves useless as you fade off to sleep while listening to your professor drone on. That can add up to lots of money wasted on courses where you don’t retain any knowledge. If you don’t have the time or the funds to sign up for language classes, DUOLINGO is the absolute perfect app. You can take it with you anywhere you go; I use it on the subway on my commute. It has organized mini lessons where you can learn everything from conjunctions to how to flirt, in the language of your choice. Better yet, they make it fun by earning hearts and getting to use your points to dress up your DUOLINGO buddy or invest in interesting lessons. The app is 100% free and has about 70 modules for each language! Right now, I’m remastering french and picking up on Italian. You can learn German, Italian and Portuguese as well. For people whose mother language is not English, they have English lessons for anyone who speaks Polish, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Indian, and more! An independent study actually found that learning a new language using Duolingo can actually be more effective than learning the same material in a semester of University.

Learn a New Language

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