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What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is the thing I always needed in my life, but never knew existed until a few years ago. I was always helping people, asking deep questions, and seeing their potential, but I didn’t realize that I could get paid to do what I do naturally!

I’ve grown a million dollar coaching business from the ground up, but a few years ago, I didn’t even know what those words meant.

I thought that I had to know everything about life to be a life coach.

But that’s not the truth

A Life Coach is someone who helps others achieve their highest potential in every area of life. Just like the best athletes in the world hire world-class coaches to help them play their best game- to the point that Michael Jordan said he would quit the bulls without his trusted coach- Life Coaches help people play their best and reach their full potential in the game called life.

Which is even more important than any sport, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s often thought that Coaching is for people who are struggling, but it’s quite the opposite- the world’s leading executives, professionals, and leaders hire coaches to stay accountable to their goals, release blocks and limitations that are slowing them down, look at things from a higher perspective, and get support from someone with an objective stance- outside of their family and friends.

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What Does A Life Coach Do?

There are hundreds of Coaching Modalities and Coaching Certifications that you can choose if you want to become a trained Life Coach and help people maximize their potential.

As a coach, you’ll creating coaching programs and trainings that clients will often pay thousands of dollars to work with you in.

As a coach, you’ll get to know them better, help them map out their goals and what they want to achieve. You may teach them areas of looking at life in a different way, and most importantly, you will ask powerful questions, and use language in an empowering way that allow the client to draw empowerment from within, to find their inner motivation, and focus to achieve their goals.

As a coach, it’s important to note that you are not there to tell the client what to do. We have the belief that the client intrinsically knows what they want to do- it’s our job to help them release the fears, negative beliefs, old patterns, and energetic blocks that have been holding them back so they can skyrocket to their highest potential.

As your coach, it’s not your job to drag your clients to the finish line. A good coach knows how to simply reframe and release the obstacles so that no one can hold that client back from what they know they are meant to do, and they claim what they deserve!

I’ve taught hundreds of people my coaching modalities, many of which have gone on to make six-figures in their own coaching businesses.

The reason why they are so successful as coaches is our methodology encourages people to go for a goal that gets them thrilled about their potential.

 While many people set small, reasonable goals, that they know they can get- we know that setting small goals does not create any energy within the subconscious mind.

When you ask yourself “What would I ask to do, be, and have if I knew the answer would be YES?” it ignites a world of possibility inside the mind of the client, and allows them to dream. That energy is what carries through in turning the dream from an idea to a concrete reality, and allows the manifestation of an incredible new life.

If you had ever told me that I would have a million dollar coaching business, I would have LOVED it, but I never knew it was possible for me until I began to use the subconscious reprogramming and mindset tools that I teach in the YES SUPPLY METHOD Coaching Certification Program.

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How Do I Get Started As A Life Coach?


To get started as a coach, decide if there’s a specific area of life that you would like to Coach on!

Download my free “How To Decide What Kind Of Coach You Want To Be” Workbook to help you choose.

There is a wheel of life, that you can follow to help you decipher if there’s a certain area of life you would like to specialize in. Also, general coaches can do quite well too! The main thing you need to do is to connect with people in the right inspiring energy that allows them to feel drawn to you and your work.

Decide on a Training Program That Feels Good To You

Although being trained isn’t a requirement to be a Coach, if you want to be a great one that gets excellent results with your clients, you will want to be trained.

In a quality life coach training, you will be taught techniques to help your clients get to the root of their problem, know how to listen to hear negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and conflicts that are causing them setbacks, how to help your clients reprogram their subconscious mind to achieve success, and how to find inner fulfillment and self love which is the foundation of creating the life they want.

To learn more about the YES SUPPLY METHOD Coaching Certification program, where you will become certified as a Life and Success coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, click here.

By having all of these tools, as a coach, you will be able to work with a wide array of clients, from many different backgrounds and be confident that you can help them create amazing results.

Our Graduates work with clients in areas of Money, Relationships, Business, Executive Coaching, Spirituality and Manifestation and much more. In this program you learn about the subconscious mind, which is the foundation of everything we do and who we are.

Create a Program or Service To Sell

As a Life Coach, how you will get paid and actually start to grow your business is by selling a coaching program.

Many coaches offer a 3 month coaching program that allows their clients to make an incredible shift by working with them.

If you want to create a more scalable business model and be able to serve more people, you may want to transition into a group coaching business model, courses, and masterminds!

Many coaches will also begin their coaching practicses by selling single coaching sessions to help you become comfortable coaching, and begin to gain testimonials from your subjects.

Embody the Coach You Want to Be

Don’t wait until someone hires you to become a coach, See yourself as the coach you want to be and begin to teach, write and speak wherever you can!

Many people find me by watching my videos that I post on social media, they come to my website and eventually become clients.

For others, they do public speaking to draw in a crowd to sell their programs.

Other do phone calls, and referrals. There is no one right way except the way that works for you.

I teach an excellent 5 step system to start growing your coaching business and making six-figures here: https://www.yessupply.co/5stepcoachingsystem/

What I do urge you to do is to start seeing yourself as a coach today. No more excuses, or waiting for permission. Give yourself that permission today to begin to show up in your power.

It’s that power that will magnetize your dream clients to your business.

The YES SUPPLY METHOD shows you how to create a program, make offers and sell your programs and it had everything you need to become a successful coach, and actually coach your clients to success.

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How Can A Life Coach Help Me?

A life coach is trained specifically to help you overcome things in your life that might have held you back. A good life coach knows how to dig into your subconscious mind to help you uncover what’s happening under the surface.

If someone has an issue in their life, whether it’s work, business, relationships or family- the problem has very little to do with the situation itself.

It actually has to do with the emotions, thought patterns and psychology that is happening inside and is manifesting as a problem in your outer world. Subconsciously we are always creating our own life, and when we uplevel and upgrade what is happening on the subconscious level, we will effortlessly manifest a better life with ease!

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How Can I Become A Life Coach?

I want you to know that myself, and every other life coach started at ground zero.

If you’re wondering, How can I attract clients if I don’t have a following yet, you can do it, the important thing is that you start and don’t let excuses or limiting beliefs get in your way!

It starts with deciding you are going to make this happen, and begin to live your best life! As you start out on your journey to living your best life, you’ll become an example for other people who want to do the same! So decide, what does your best life look like to you? What would you ideal relationships look like? Your ideal health? Your money situation?

Get started on manifesting this into your reality, and when you share your lessons you learn along the way, you’ll inspire others to forge the path they want to create in their lives as well!

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Get A Life Coaching Certification

The best decision I made for my business was deciding to get certified in powerful tools to help me bring my coaching business up a few notches.

I got Certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Energy Modalities and other work that created profound changes. I now have taught hundreds of coaches my techniques in the YES SUPPLY METHOD Coaching Certification.

I’ve created this program to be a one-stop shop for everything you need to be a successful coach, have all the business and marketing tools you need to create six-figures, like so many of our success stories!

Want to get started? I’ve created a free training that shows you my 5 step system to help you get started!


Begin to Embody the coach you want to be

You want to become a coach because you want to make massive change in people’s lives, right? So start now! How can you start showing up with amazing content that truly helps others! Gain your confidence by writing posts about your personal story, doing live streams, or anything else that helps others!

A true coach is here to serve, and knows that the monetary rewards will come naturally when you do what you’re meant to do! Get out there, selflessly help others and open yourself up to receiving and you will see magic begin to happen in your life!
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Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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