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What is NLP: Your NLP FAQ Cheat Sheet

As you can tell, if you’ve read any of the recent articles on YES SUPPLY, I’m passionate about NLP. Actually, passionate is an understatement. In this article I am trying to give you the information about what is NLP and how does it works with NLP FAQ cheat sheet. 


I find myself using it on daily. Whether it’s to get confident and clear-headed as I walk into a room of uber-intimidating people, and sashay my way into new friendships, and collaborations. Or if I am feeling anxious, and I use a state-shifting technique to feel instantly calm so I can focus and get more done in less time. Or using powerful language tools to help me when I’m writing copy for my website.

I’ve helped my past clients through deep NLP techniques do everything from increasing their income in their dream business (making thousands in the very first weekend we started working together), to exit toxic relationships that had them feeling low self-worth, and attract dates within weeks.

If there’s an area of your life you want to improve, NLP can help you get there. It’s all about figuring out what the limiting belief or decision is, and then using the right technique to solve it.

I’m going to share with you more information on what NLP is and how you can use it in your life.

Here’s a FAQ on what NLP does, and how you can use it to improve your life on a massive scale.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, and the title relates to exactly how it works.

When using it correctly you will reprogram your mind (neurology) for success using the power of language.

Now often, when we think language, we think it has to do with the way we speak-and that is true- but every single method of communication we have with the world has its own language. The way our neurology works, has its own language and when we learn that, we learn the user’s manual for our minds.

The way you see, hear, feel, think (and even taste and smell) has its own language, and every single aspect of is an important method of how we communicate with the world. Some people use certain senses more than others. Some are more visual, some are more kinesthetic, and when you know about yourself you can shift your life.

When you know this about the people who you communicate with, you can become a more powerful communicator and also create more friendships, opportunities for yourself and become more persuasive in everything you do.

We are ALL programmed since the time we are born,  without our prior knowledge, and when discover those programs, we can use NLP to shift them.

These programs are shaping how you see the world, and the unconscious meanings you put on things.

Here are some examples of programs that might be unconsciously controlling your life and making you limit yourself:

  • If you watched Disney movies as a kid, in your adult years as a female, you may be holding on to the program that you have to get married and find your prince to be happy and ride off into the sunset. You may have the unconscious program that you cannot be happy until you find a man, and so you place a lot of dependency on your relationships and and think you will never be happy until you get a boyfriend.
  • If your parent were always fighting over money (like mine were) you may have the same belief as me that talking about money makes people mad, or even hate you. Like what I did for far too long, you may never ask for raises, get paid the money you truly deserve, or even get nervous about splitting the bill at dinner because of a subconscious belief that when you talk about money people hate you.
  • If your parents often said “We can’t afford that” as an adult, you may have money sabotaging habits where you spend all your money on frivolous things which keeps you in the energy of ‘we can’t afford that’ or you get nervous/guilty about spending money even when you do have it because you fear it will run out
  • If you had friends in your teenage/childhood years that put you down, you may continue that into your adulthood, putting everyone else on a pedestal and believing that you are ‘less than’ everyone else.

Even if you don’t consciously remember a situation affecting you, your unconscious mind does. Your unconscious mind stores and remembers EVERYTHING and an embarrassing moment that happened on the playground while you were 5 years old, could be the very same reason why you have stage fright as a full-grown adult.

DO the work. Hypnotherapy or NLP Time Therapy can help you go back and discover what the issue was so your subconscious mind can finally process it, and YOU can progress in your life.

Find an NLP practitioner in your area to help you, or book a Single Session Shift with me (if they are open- I often close up these sessions based on my availability) . I work with clients everywhere in the world.

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How does it work?

NLP is the practice of modelling success. Essentially, the founders of NLP hand picked some of the world’s most successful minds. The people who were successful were successful for a certain reason. Either it was the way they communicated, the questions they asked, how their minds worked.

They looked at the success they created, monitored and documented their actions and thought processes, and reverse engineered it.

They created a step by step map, and a list of techniques that you can use to achieve anything you want in life.

There are specific techniques that you can use to:

  • Feel beautiful if you put yourself down about how you look, and it’s holding you back from opportunities
  • Be comfortable selling or putting yourself out there on as an expert
  • Kick any craving or food addiction to the curb
  • Instantly shift your mood and feel the emotions you need in any situation to operate at your peak capacity
  • Get rid of any fears or phobia
  • If you have lingering fear. Anger, sadness, guilt., hurt (or other limiting emotions) you can remove those
  • Become more persuasive in your verbal and written communication, marketing, and sales strategies

And that’s just scratching the surface. I’ve used NLP to help me see my worth, remove food addictions, pinpoint past trauma in my life and remove the negative emotions around it, and much more.

Most techniques require you to close your eyes and go inside while your practitioner walks you through a certain technique and do the work. I believe that NLP, although they don’t talk about the link often, works on a very spiritual level and helps boost your vibration and step into the version of your most affluent and abundant self.

Do people pay for NLP sessions?

Yes, People are actively on the hunt for trained NLP practitioners in your area and love when their coaches and mentors are trained in this skill- as the mindset is a huge part of success.

As a trained NLP Practitioner, you can charge $200 and up for an NLP session. When you create a Signature Package as a coach, you can attract clients to your coaching packages starting $2000 and there is no upper level to your price point. I’ve met coaches who charge $100,000 a client for their work!

I was recently in a mastermind that only seven-figure entrepreneurs were invited to, and every single person I spoke with knew what NLP was and had used it. Learning how to really tap into your mindset and shift your beliefs is the foundation of creating building the life and business of your dreams.

How can I incorporate it into my business?

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate NLP teaching into your business, here are just a few examples:

Sales -When making sales, your mindset is the number one component of the transaction. I was recently invited to a mastermind where an entrepreneur who has made over $100,000,000 spoke (woah, that’s a lot of zeroes)

He was saying that you can have the BEST script in the world, but if your mindset isn’t there, the energy, the confidence, the connection- you won’t make the sale.

On the flip side, he was saying that you can have no script, but when you’re confident, you will close every time.

While I’m still working on making my first $100,000,000 (One hundred million dollars) I do wholeheartedly agree and have seen in happen in my business, selling packages from anywhere from $2000 when I first started coaching to $10,000. You have to 100% believe in the product, and believe in the person who you are selling it too, and see their success in your mind.

In NLP you learn linguistics programs that you can use to solidify your sales copy, and writing and speaking tips that can increase your sales by the thousands.

Better communication- How would you feel about walking into any room and be able to spark up a conversation with anyone?

I used to be SO introverted, and feel unnecessarily panicked and nervous in every social setting. I would often avoid social settings because of fear of not knowing what to say, or being intimidated.

Now, looking back, I can only imagine how many opportunities I left on the table because of that. The majority of my paid brand collaborations, PR opportunities and speaking engagements have come from meeting people, getting out of my shell and ‘making the first move’

If you’re closing yourself off from networking and meeting new people, you are literally leaving not only money on the table, but some really boss friendships too.

Remember, the reason you got into what you’re doing is that you want to help people, right? So why be so afraid of talking to them?!

NLP can help you remove the fear-filled feelings or starting a conversation, and also help you significantly when navigating them.

A more confident you- What if that lingering feeling of not being good enough, not belonging, or not being worthy could just be POOF! Gone.

I know it sounds far-fetched. Until it happened to me.

There’s a few incredible tools in the NLP toolkit (like one of the most effective ones, the SWISH technique that can literally shift how you look at yourself in a matter of minutes.

It’s how I went from never TRULY feeling beautiful, to actually hearing, ACTUALLY hearing my fiancé say it to me.

He had been saying it to me every day for years, but after doing the work, I got to know what receiving a compliment like that and feeling it really means.

This is your one life, why not experience the feelings and significance you deserve.

When I leant how to back myself, I started accepting myself and showing up in a way that was in alignment with who I really am, instead of hiding my light.

When you have these tools, you are able to pinpoint what’s holding your clients back, and release those limitations quickly.

Who are some successful people who love NLP as much as Reese does?

Okay, so I lost it when I found out that Pharrell loves NLP as much as I do.

He said in this article: “I’ve been reading “NLP: The New Technology of Achievement” edited by Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner. Neuro-linguistic programming is incredible! It’s a science of the mind. It teaches you exercises and methods for positive thinking reinforcement. I swear by it. It changed my life.”

Like, this pretty much makes me and Pharrell best friends now, right?

Speaking of best friends, Tony Robbins*, was famously trained in NLP which catapulted his rise to fame and fortune as one of the world’s top coaches, and trainers.

*Disclaimer: Tony Robbins is not yet my best friend but we are working on it!

Barack Obama knows NLP and it has actually been widely reported that he heavily used NLP, and Conversational Hypnotherapy in his speeches that helped him win the election!

And even Oprah is said to have used NLP.

And like I always say, “If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me”

Have a question that I didn’t answer in this FAQ? Leave a question below in the comments! I’ll update this article often.

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Got a question on NLP? Leave it in a comment below.

Reese Evans is the founder of YES SUPPLY INC., who has trained over 1000 coaches in her methods and teachings. She's a mom, and a lover of teaching manifestation, mindset, and helping people all over the world overcome their past and create their best life. Follow along on instagram @yessupply for more behind the scenes.

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