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Get Inspired- What To Write About On Your Blog Or Website

When I first started doing the bloggin’ thing about 4 years ago, I often wondered how on earth I would find what to write about and create fresh content for my blog regularly. Over the years, I’ve used the following ways to brainstorm new content and thought these may work for you too! Bear in mind, I blog within the beauty niche but I think any niche can take something away from these ideas.

What To Write About

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How To Know What To Write About On Your Blog Or Website

Get Inspired By Magazines and Digital Magazines

Keep yourself immersed in what’s current in your niche right now, and for me as beauty blogger it’s magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Allure and the like, but as an Australian this also includes digital magazines like the uber stylish Gritty Pretty. I keep an eye on what’s hot, whether it’s a new Instagram guru who I could possibly interview on my blog, a new beauty product that needs to be on my audiences radar, or maybe it’s an interview with an editor from a magazine – which I personally love to read myself. Keep yourself in the loop with anything that you think may be of interest with your audience, a new highlighter could be the beginning of ‘Hot New Products You Need in Your Life’ blog post.

Find Instagram-Worthy Subjects

I find A LOT of my blog content through Instagram stars (whether it’s a feature or a Q&A interview type post) and I’ve often found a whole stack new ranges of cosmetics to try and review for my blog/social media platforms. It’s fantastic to connect with overseas brands that are new to your local audience, which helps give the brand a promo boost but could also be the newest holy grail product for one of your readers!

Put A Spin On Your Pinterest Favorites

See what other bloggers within your niche are writing about and recreate something similar with your own spin on things. For example, another blogger may be writing about their favorite sources of blogging inspiration or home décor – you can do something similar but different with your voice and your sources of inspiration because your readers are reading your blog because YOU write it.

Make Your Competition Your Friends!

If another blogger is doing something really cool, share with your audience! I’m all about creating and sharing beautiful things so why not share what other amazing things fellow bloggers are doin’ – it’s a page view for you and the receiver will be so appreciative for the love! An example of this was recently I shared a Links I Love blog post, which featured a handful of FB groups that I’m active in and thought many of my readers may find them a great resource too, not just bloggers or biz owners!

What To Write About

The Best Creativity Comes From Within

What to write about is something what you want to read about. Go with your gut when it comes to brainstorming blog content, or sharing real life stories and experiences because if it feels right and something you want to do – do it! You’ll never go wrong going with your gut <3

Where do you find your blog content inspiration? Do you resonate with any of my tips I’d love to know, share with me in the comments.

Emily Crawford is the Australian creator of the fresh+stylish beauty and lifestyle destination ‘Why Hello Beauty‘!

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