GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL is a morning routine for women who want to take back their mornings, start their day in a positive mindset, and get the confidence and outlook needed to create a successful life and find focus.

Good Morning Beautiful was the reason I was able to get out of my rut, and create a business and life that I’m completely obsessed with. After changing my morning ritual, I started researching and found out all the underlying factors that made changing my morning rituals mean:

• Quiet negative self-talk

• Help my confidence levels soar

• Overcome my negative mindset

• Stop comparing myself to others on social media

• Be more effective with my time and get more accomplished

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After I started implementing my new morning routine, I started to see a transformation in my life.


I grew up in an abusive household. My mom was a single parent, and when I was a teenager she ended up dating an extremely toxic, and terrifying partner.


It left me scarred with a ton of post-traumatic issues to deal with including:


• Dysmorphia- hating the way I looked and always thinking I was overweight and terribly ugly


• Extremely low self-confidence- walking into a room with the assumption everyone would hate me off the bat, and that my opinions and ideas were not valid


• Eating Disorders- I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. I would spend hours exercising and aim for 0 calorie intake a day


• Negative self-talk- Consistently telling myself I wasn’t good enough, I would never amount to anything, and letting my ‘worst-case scenarios’ in any situation play out in my mind over and over again.


But when I changed my morning routine with Good Morning Beautiful, and began practicing positive self-talk and starting my day looking inward instead of what everyone else was doing- my whole life transformed.

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I started my new morning ritual because I knew I was in a rut, but I didn’t know how to get out of it.


Every morning I was scrolling social media as soon as I got out of bed. Filling my head with images of ‘perfect’ people with the perception of a struggle-free life.


I would get up to start my day late (from all the scrolling) and obsessing about all the things I hated about myself.


My hair wasn’t good enough compared to what I saw online, my skin was breaking out so bad I didn’t want to leave my house, and my job seemed deplorable compared to the ‘grammers who got paid to travel the world and snap pics sipping on coconuts.


My head was a negative space.


I realized if I hated my life, my clothes, my hair and my body, that nothing was going to change until I did.


and I decided to start by changing my morning routine.


Every morning, instead of focusing on the things I hated, or were out of my control- I decided to focus on what I could control.


I woke up and instead of being mean and cold to myself- I practiced saying something nice to myself.


Instead of looking at what every one else was doing- I planned one thing that I could do to get me closer to where I wanted to be.


I realized that my biggest problem was that I was waking up and looking outward at what everyone else was doing, instead of looking inwards.


And when my morning routine changed, so did my entire life.


I became more focused on what I wanted in life, the mean voice in my head that used to tell me I wasn’t good enough started to be a bit nicer to me. Before I knew it, I was accomplishing my goals, and the dreams that I had were becoming a reality.


I was building my community yes supply bit-by-bit, I was becoming more happier by the day, and I had the highest confidence I ever had in my entire life.

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Re-wha my ‘scuse me?


I know, I thought the same thing. Until I started researching and found some amazing things.


As humans, we’re programmed to think of the worst case scenario in every situation we face. It’s a survival instinct as historically, those who considered the ‘worst case scenario’ stayed safer, and were able to evolve and survive.


But in 2017, the people who become successful are the ones who can overcome their fears and take risks. Thinking ‘worst-case scenario is a faulty thinking pattern.


It forces us to stay within the box, and never reach our full potential.


In today’s world, the people who act fast, take risks, and take actions are the ones who make their dreams come true, not the ones who stay safely inside their boxes.
By practicing believing in myself, and practicing the daily positive affirmations that you find in Good Morning Beautiful, I programmed my brain to consider the best case scenario instead of obsessing over what could go wrong.


There’s so much possibility when you believe in what can happen in your favour instead of going against you. After all, good morning beautiful was just an idea in my head, and you’re reading this now, aren’t you?


Humans are creative creatures. We’re the happiest when we’re creating, when we’re adding value, and innovating.


Unfortunately, because of the way we’ve become accustomed with our phones on hand, social media, and notifications buzzing at us every few seconds, we’ve become a reactive community.

A phrase I’ve coined as ‘notification culture.’


Instead of being bored and having the opportunity to think of something new or creative to spend our time doing, we have constant notifications of nothingness that keeps up distracted and ‘busy’.


How many #saltbae memes do I need to scroll through before I realize I’m wasting my day away?


Social media networks like Instagram and Facebook have become so good at keeping you on the app, that they’ll send you a notification even when something happens that has nothing to do with you.


I used to use Facebook so little that Facebook would send me notifications about people I hadn’t talked to in years, who were doing things that have nothing to do with me.


Remember these social media platforms make more money, and can show you more ads the longer you’re on them. It’s in their best interests to bring you back as much as they can. I’m not saying social media is bad, I use it to run my business, but remember to use it and not let it use you.


I think of my best ideas when I’m away from my phone. When I’m going for a walk and my phone is dead or at home. When I’m doing my hair and makeup in the morning and I’m not looking at my phone.


They don’t call them shower thoughts for nothing.


When you allow your mind the opportunity to relax, without distractions, you turn on the part of your brain that allows your best ideas to flow, and gives you the ability to work out complex problems. [A great article on the topic]


When I started Good Morning Beautiful, I adopted the mindset of ‘creation over consumption’. To make sure I was spending more time creating things that make me happy than taking in too much information and getting distracted by the latest twitter storm trend.

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The average attention span is 7 seconds.


In the 80’s it was 20 minutes. But it diminished from 20 minutes to 7 seconds over the course of 20 years.


How much have you gotten done in 7 seconds? Because I haven’t ever done much.


As I’m writing this, my cell phone is shoved inside a couch cushion so I can not look at it. Earlier today I had it upstairs hidden in a drawer so I could work on a project. It’s freeing to work focused on one thing.


The daily morning emails give you a reminder to set your intention or goal for the day. You’ll pull out your journal and write out exactly what you want to get done that day with your big goal for your life in mind.


Then you can schedule time to do it.


Instead of falling into the routine of following our regular habits, by having a clear, and concise idea of what your big priority and goal is for your life, you can then break down the priority for your day, and ensure that you make every day count.


Good Morning Beautiful is a daily friend who keeps you accountable. It reminds you to take the steps you need to accomplish your goals. It’s the focus I had that helped me launch yes supply. Other women who have been using it have said it’s given them the focus to launch their own businesses doing what they love too.


We’re so kind, loving and accepting of our friends.


But when it comes to ourselves, we can be our biggest bully.


It makes me quite sad that 97% of women have an “I hate my body” moment every day.


There is absolutely no reason why we should hate the one thing that is with us from the time we are born for the rest of our lives. The thing that helps us do what we need to do, carries us through the most beautiful moments in our lives.


Who are we even comparing ourselves to? Since when did looks become more important that our own feelings of happiness and self-acceptance.


Good Morning Beautiful helps you create new thought patterns that help you be kinder, more loving to yourself.


With gratitude lists, accomplishment lists, and journalling exercises that help you look inwards, you discover things about yourself and your life that you love about yourself, but may have forgotten about.


Remember, the person you spend the most time with is you. Be your own best friend, accept yourself. There’s beauty in every woman, and your uniqueness is what makes you exactly who you are- but your looks do not define you.


By changing how you think about yourself, you’ll change how you appear to others. When you love yourself, people can’t help loving you too and seeing all the things that are amazing about you.

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