motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply


I was so blessed and honored to host new credible group of women here in Toronto for the Motivational, Manifesting and Mindset Year Of Yes event.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

In 2017 it was such an exciting year in my business. I posted a retreat in Bali, a workshop in LA, and traveled between Europe and New York doing speaking event.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

But at the end of the year I realize that I hadn’t taken a moment to connect with women in my own City.

I also like to ask myself that scares me, and whatever does scare me I jump right into it. and at the end of 2017 I realized that hosting events still did scare me a little.

So I jumped right into it. I still have this lingering fear that I was going to put tickets up for sale and no one was going to show up. However, in the first couple days of Promoting the event we had seven women sign up immediately, and a few more signed up a few days later.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

I was so excited to host. I’m someone who is against going to events, sitting there and listening to a speaker for 3 hours, feeling super inspired but then going home and not knowing where to start.

I’m all about taking action and I love to help people learn by do it. The outcome I want for all of my events is that people leave with tangible results, and have already taken a few steps to get words their goal. I want to help people get over the analysis paralysis of creating the life that they love and realize that they can easily make it happen.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

This is what the year of yes event was all about. The year of yes event this year was hosted in a beautiful breather space and we were absolutely obsessed with how easy it was to book, and create easy arrangements for all of our guests to arrive and have a comfortable space to learn, connect, and grow. I’ve used breather for almost all of my events, and even for photo shoots in my business, and I could go on and on about how amazing the service is how easy it is to get a beautiful space for your event and how clean and professional the spaces are. If you are in a business where you need to meet with people and you don’t feel comfortable taking them into your home, like I do, then Breather is an app that you definitely want to save to your phone.


The year of yes event I wanted all of the attendees to leave being a completely transformed woman. I wanted them to stop seeing their dreams is a Faraway goal, and instead see them as something that can be easily and effortlessly accomplished when they put their focus into it.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

I wanted them to change the way that they saw themselves. So many of us see ourselves a small. We look at the people who have what we want and we think “ well they can do it but I can never do that.”  In the year of yes event we did some deep mines at work so that our attendees could see themselves in the most powerful way.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

Throughout the event we worked on:

  • outlining your yes goals in every area of your life-  money, business / career, relationships, health, and personal self-worth and identity
  • we went through a guided visualization to help you see your goals as real so that you were able to more easily obtain them and to have your subconscious mind working for you in order to achieve imposter, rather than against you
  • We then chose deadlines for each major goal that we had, and our productivity coach Alyssa Coleman help our guests map out exactly what needed to happen in order for them to achieve their goals with ease
  • Then went through a list of the limiting beliefs that were subconsciously holding the members back but they were bigger than their fear-based thoughts
  • Once our guest identified their limiting beliefs they were able to see that they were not as big or scary as they believed. One by one we went through each of these limiting beliefs and did an energy clearing to help them let go of energy blocks that were holding them back not allowing them to flow towards their success
  • We then did a special NLP technique that helped Our Guest put their goal in their future timeline subconsciously so that their subconscious mind would be working for them to help them Take the right actions to turn their goals into inspired action and major results in the physical plane
  • As many of us know, sometimes anxieties, fear, and doubt can come up when we move outside of our comfort zone and so we ended off the night showing the women who attended an EFT tapping technique  to help them easily face any fear worry or doubt that might come up along the way easily overcome it continue to flow towards  their goals
  • We ended up the night with a big cheers to our Muse’s success, excited for what the year of yes in 2018 would hold. I guess and it off the night connecting, exchanging contact information, and creating lasting friendships.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

All of our guests left with an adorable goodie bag full of crystals, notebooks, YES SUPPLY popsockets, and green tea primers from Evelyn Iona


There’s nothing like getting together with a group of like-minded women talking about your hopes and dreams and speaking them into existence. Often when were able to 2 people who are supportive, caring, and as ambitious as we are were met with support that gives us the courage to continue to work towards our dreams. It’s true that in this world there is really nothing holding us back or Stopping Us From Success except ourselves. And when you connect with people who support you and push you towards your dreams your success is pretty much guaranteed.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

It was such an incredible event and I was so blessed to be able to host some of the most incredible women in Toronto in this intimate Gathering. if you’d like to see the entire event into my VIP group DS apply Collective for the entire taping of the event.

motivational coaching event toronto goal setting yes supply

If you’re interested in learning how to use techniques like EFT or NLP in your own coaching business, or in your professional life, head to www.yessupply.co/certified to learn more about our certifications.

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