Blogging on a Budget can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be hard.



In this course, I start from scratch building a wordpress blog with you, and I show you how to make it look amazing, and build an online presence that opens doors for you.

I’ve done all the research for you, so that you can build an amazing blog that wows people and helps you grow an online presence all on a budget

In this video, you’ll ask yourself some serious questions about starting a blog. Being able to answer these, will show that blogging is the right path for you, and that you have the grit and determination to turn it from a blog into a business.

We’ll also come up with ideas for our blog. Try to be specific and base your blog off of something that you like:

What Do You Love?

What Do You Have Experience In?

What Can You Provide A Unique Perspective On?

Once you know what your topic or niche is you have to know what your PURPOSE is.

This is what will keep you on track and on focus with every piece of content you create.

Your purpose can range from anything to “Helping Female Creatives Grow Their Online Business” to “Travel Destinations + Retreats for Yogis”. There’s always going to be someone searching for what you have to offer, and the more unique, the better.

Ensuring that you’ve chosen a topic you’re passionate about, you’ll have a great time working on it.

For my sample blog, I’ve decided that my purpose is:

To help fashion, health and beauty retailers learn how to use social media to grow their business and build their online presence.

This may need some refinement, but it’s a start!

By understanding not only your purpose but your target customer or reader, it makes a lot of your decisions in the future a LOT easier.

Questions to consider:

What does she enjoy?

Where does she hang out?

What sort of problems does she have?

How can your story and your skills help her solve them?

• Finding Inspiration

• Using Pinterest, Instagram, and Your Surroundings to create a cohesive look and feel for your online platform

• Ask yourself do these imagery align with A something you like, and B what your target reader/client would enjoy?

• How to collect all of your images and ensure that you are creating a beautiful and cohesive look and feel

• An example of a branding board to refer back to everytime you are using imagery and fonts while creating your brand

You’ll also want to ensure that you can get all the social media handles with a name that’s associated with your blog.

You definitely don’t want to start out with an instagram handle like “myblog22341”.


Go snatch up all the social media handles of the platforms you’ll use the most, even if you don’t intend on building your presence on them just yet.



Facebook Page

Facebook Group






You can add a profile picture, and brief description in all of them, but only focus on building your presence on 1-or max-2 platforms for now.

Picking the right domain name from a host that will work for you

Click Here. This is where I purchased my hosting that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE <3
• Choose the right name based on your SEO

• Setting up your email addresses within

Where to purchase a great theme

This is the best place to get a theme. Click here. I recommend it to all my clients.

Here are some other great places to find a theme:





• Adding Your theme.

• Customizing your theme

If you don’t add your pictures properly, you can slow down your computer quite a bit, plus make yourself less discoverable online. I’ll walk you through how to upload images to your blog so you don’t make the mistakes I did.

How to save images

How to add images alt tags and descriptions

A free option to start building your mailing list

• How to drive people to your mailing list

• How to keep your mailing list happy

• Thinking about mailing list growth

Getting Creative While Building Your Content Can Be Tricky For Some. I Break Down How I Stay Creative and Make Content for My Blog.

• How to Find Ideas for Content Out of Questions that Are Already Being Asked

• Top performing types of articles:

• Lists

• How-to’s

• Product/ Software reviews

• Personal experiences


• How To Repurpose Your Content

• Repurposing video content

• Repurposing social media

• Repurposing for emails (get return traffic to your site)

• Repurposing audio posts

• Ideas for content using Google suggestions


How To Optimize Your Blog Post Content For Better SEO

How To Optimize Your Images For An Optimized Blog Post

More Masterclasses coming soon

To get started building your blog, check out the blogging on a budget course.

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