Coaching with Reese

Work towards your goals, and dreams with a tailored experience and support.

What Coaching with Reese Includes:

• Twelve 60 minute to 90 minute calls where we explore your goals, desires, and support you in getting there, as well as discussing and discovering what may be holding you back

• Subconscious mindset techniques such as Neural Energetic Wiring, Mindset and Manifestation Coaching techniques, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Somatic techniques to help you wire in the changes in your thoughts and physiology

• Real emotional and mental support on getting focused on your dreams, and getting out of your own way, taking real action

• Mentorship based on Reese's real life experiences and growth

• Voxer or voicenote support Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9-5 PM EST- with responses within a 24 hour time period

• Custom tailored homework and exercises between calls to help you integrate the progress we make on the calls

• Support with designing and ideating your dream day, and implementing a new schedule and habits to bring it into reality

Are you ready to really understand the power that already lives inside of you, your own mind, and your own energy to help you create magic in your life and achieve the highest levels of success- effortlessly?

Are you ready to create the lifestyle, business, and magic in your life you know you deserve?

 Investment in Yourself

$30,000 USD

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Topics We Will Dive Deep Into:

• Stepping into the identity of creating a 7 figure business

• Sharing a vision with your team, and hiring the right staff to support you

• Creating automated sales and support systems

• Mindset and what to do when things get tough, or you need additional mental strength

• Showing up on social media and creating content that gets the results you're looking for

and much, much more

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