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Wait, are you a new coach, or aspiring coach? You’ll want to see this...

You have a dream to become a coach….
But you’re not there yet.

You want to change lives, you want to create more abundance and freedom, and you know that you can massively help others do the same.

You’re seeing coaches, mentors, and personal development influencers online buying their dream cars, having six-figure months, growing their followings by the thousands, and you WANT that too! SO badly.

But here's the issue...

The coaching certifications, courses out there are pricey, and you don’t have the funds right now.
You’re busy working, and you don’t know if you can fully commit to this dream.
There’s so much information, and you just need a step by step plan with guaranteed results and a SET PLAN.
The doubt and fear keeps getting in your way and you just need a proven system.
At the same, you feel TRAPPED by the inaction you’re stuck in. You don’t want to find out you missed out on the best opportunity of your life to bring in an income by following your passion.

I heard your call.

You found this page for a reason. I’ve created something exactly for you. It’s just what you need.
You’re the new coach/mindset mentor/ personal development influencer that just needs to get the ball rolling and see the abundance start flowing. You haven’t started…yet, but you have a grand vision of all it can and will become.
Let me hold your hand through the process to attracting and receiving your first $1000.
You KNOW that the coaching industry is growing like rapid fire. That there are millions of people searching for coaches every single day, and that if YOU take the leap now, you can get in on an incredible rush of abundance and freedom filled life.
You’re ready to get paid for your obsession with mindset work, manifestation and positivity.

Let’s help you get started.

You might need to manifest your first 1000$ in your Mindset business because:
  • You’re just not techy and would much rather pay to hire someone to do your website for you
  • Making an extra thousand dollars a month would do WONDERS for your life and your family
  • You need certainty and assuredness that you can REALLY do this
  • You’ve never coached before…how do you know it’s all that you think it is. You know that once you make your first $1000 you’ll have a real feel for it
I created a fool proof and easy guide.
It’s right to the point and fluff-free so you know exactly what to do and you can start getting results THIS month!
Unlike most business training, this one will not require you to spend any money AT ALL to get started making money. We show you how to use what you already have, or 100% free + simple to set up tools.
I truly believe a change in your life, freedom and abundance can be easy.

The NEW COACH Accelerator Course

Manifest Your First $1000
In Your Mindset Practice

Your step-by-step guide + plan to elevate,
create freedom and abundance in your life in 30 days

new coach accelerator
If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re a new or aspiring coach and you don’t know where to start.
Guess what, you’re SO in the right place.
This is where you start, and I’m going to show you exactly what to do first to create a solid foundation for your influential and abundant brand to set your foundation, get yourself out there,  start making money, and making change by doing what you know you’re born to do.
I’ve grown my coaching business from a little blog when I was unsure of myself, insecure, knowing and dreaming for more, but not knowing how to get there.
I was a little shy, way under earning, and knowing that if I kept on the same track that I was always on…my life was never going to change- and that wasn’t a prospect I was happy with, or ready to settle for.
So I shifted, jumped headfirst into creating the business of my dreams where I could combine ALL of my favourite things in the world: Mindset, Following My Passion, Increasing Abundance, and showing high potential leaders, influencers, storytellers and world-changers how to do the same.
And here we are.
In this training, I’m going to give you the low down on EVERYTHING you need to get started, where you should be putting your focus, how to work from a place of ease and flow, and the essentials to creating a wildly popular and successful coaching brand- right from the start, using your voice and your mission.
If you’re ready to stand out, step up, and majorly shift, then you are in the right place love.

Here's the plan I'll be taking you through:

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

1. What’s Inside The Mind of A Wealthy + Rich Coach?

If you want to get the results of a rich coach, you have to THINK like a rich coach. What if you KNEW from the depths of your soul how important your message is. What if you communicated in a way that people believed in you and trusted you from the get go? What if you believe truly that you deserve to be paid WELL for your work? What would change for you?
In this section you will:
  • Reprogram your mind for success
  • Understand the belief systems of the people who are at the top of the coaching world
  • Learn how to embody energy, vibe and self-assurance of a Rich coach who speaks their mind

2. Make Your World A Marvellous Mirror (Your Self Made Success Identity)

If you want more money, more fulfilment and a greater life, now is that time to allow yourself to be much more than you ever have been- but always knew you could be.
You have a powerful, wealthy, and incredibly happy person within you- it’s time for you to unleash what you always knew was within you.
In this section you will:
  • Understand the traits within you that are causing subconscious self-sabotage
  • Decide how you want to show up in the world and fully embody it!
  • Feel comfortable and confident being yourself and showing up!

3. Expressing Your Message + Mission Is Easy (Your Why)

In this section, I cover the universal laws that you need to know in order to make sharing your message easy and effortless. You’ll learn about how the law of oneness, directly impacts the personal connection you get to make with your clients, and how this will make you a better communicator in all areas of your life. We talk about how to work in your feminine energy and your strategy for getting manifesting $1000 in your coaching business through inspired, soul fulfilling moves.
  • Get my step by step scripts, outlines, and EXACTLY what to do and say that gets your dream clients talking to you and reaching out to work with you.
  • Get your own FREEBIE that you can use to magnetize the people who you will help
  • I teach you foundational secrets of the mind, so you can coach and educate your clients on how the mind works, and how they can manifest their desires, and get clear on what they want.
  • Get a daily action planner so you know EXACTLY what to do step-by-step every single day for 30 days

4. Manifesting Your New, Fun, High Vibe Clients + Students

Get clear on the best people for you to work with who have the money, are invested in the solution and are FUN for you to work with.
  • Manifest the people who you want to work with
  • Get clear on the vision of you working with your dream clients so you can manifest miracles into your life
  • Get a simple system to have deep conversations and stay on track and organized as you grow your list of people who are perfect to work with your and would benefit from your work

5. Magnetize Money For Your Mindset Online (Start the conversation and make your offer)

Learn how to get paid by having a simple conversation with someone where you  hold space and help people see their potential to reach their dreams.
I also teach you how to get your platforms for getting paid up ASAP so you can start receiving money while aligning to your highest purpose!
  • How look at selling as a way to really help people, and give them permission to step up and value themselves so you can bring more money into your life while feeling good
  • Get an exact script from me on how to position your offer to deeply grab the attention of the people who are meant to be your clients!
  • Learn the exact questions I ask clients to get testimonials that help you bring in more of the right people passively and easily

6. #Getpaid- Hosting Your First Mindset Upgrade Coaching Session

Learn coaching skills to help you get on your first coaching call with ease, confidence and to immediately get shifts in the feelings, and perspective of your new client. They will be wowed by your coaching skills!
You will:
  • Learn coaching skills like : listening skills, reframing, the empowerment formula, metamorphose questioning skills, holding space and more
  • Discover the pre-coaching call techniques to help you feel warmed up, and ready for your first call, and give off an energy that makes your clients look up to you and respect you
  • Get a COMPLETE step-by-step outline of 2 complete coaching calls. I hold your hand and walk you through how you can teach, ask the right questions, and create a specific and crystal clear action plan so you
  • Learn how to trust that your clients have all the answers within THEM, and when you tap into infinite source, you will deliver exactly what is meant to be said on the call so that your clients confidently take huge leaps towards their goals
  • Learn how to take it to the next step with a specific strategy to upsell your clients to work with you long term, or to create passive income from the end of your calls.

7. BONUSES! These will only be available for a limited time!

Learn coaching skills to help you get on your first coaching call with ease, confidence and to immediately get shifts in the feelings, and perspective of your new client. They will be wowed by your coaching skills!
For a limited time, you will also get:
  • 3 Months access of support to a facebook group where myself, Reese, and my team will answer your questions and support you
  • The opportunity to apply the price you paid for New Coach Accelerator to a new purchase of YES: Dream Clients or YES SUPPLY Method Coaching Certification program.

These offers will expire soon, so defintiely take advantage of them if you know you’re ready to launch your coaching journey!

This is for you if:

You’re ready to start a rewarding and fulfilling business
You’re the person who loves to give advice, and see the people you care about hit their potential
You could talk about goals, morning rituals, journalling, and meditating all-damn-day
You want to use your influence, and your impact to make sales and create the lifestyle
You know you’re meant for more, and you want to help others see how they’re meant for so much more love, abundance, achievement and success in their life too
You are a generous and caring person, and you’re ready to serve in order to see the rewards you can create in your business
You desire to help the people you love deeply, and you want to learn how so you can help your family and friends see their full potential, and understand how to manifest and set an intention with the universe to create their life, They can all elevate and rise up with you.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I stand behind this process so much, that if in 29 days, you do the work and you don’t get the results you’re after, you’ll get a full refund. All we need is proof that you’ve done the assignments required, and taken all the inspired action- no risk, and ALL reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a website, can I become a coach?
I created this training for YOU! If you know you’re meant to help people, but you don’t want to get involved in the tech, this is designed for you.
I made this super simple, easy peasy, so you can focus on getting paying clients, and then when you’ve created enough income in your business you can decide if you want to hire someone to help you with your brand.
I don’t have a following! Will this work for me?
You do not need to have any sort of a following to succeed in this program. You must be willing to grow and expand your network though and be open to helping people as a coach and support!
I need someone to hold my hand through the process to manifesting my first clients!
This training was made for you. I am on a mission to help good people reach their highest potential, and I understand that at first, you don’t always know where to start.
In this program, I break it down to the minute, and you know exactly what to do and when to do it to draw the type of people who are your perfect coaching clients into your life- with ease, with things you already have RIGHT NOW.
Will this help me impact my fear of putting myself out there?
Yes, in the very first module we help you rewire your brain and stop living a life where you’re hiding from your truest self. We not only help you break through the fear, you take on the mindset of a coach that speaks on stages and knows that her true worth created a positive ripple effect on the globe.
You’ll see that you are a born leader, and that you MUST share your unique point of view, and why you following your soul will lead to the greater good of ALL.
What if I’m already a coach?
If you’ve started coaching, but you wish you had a design to run successful coaching sessions, want to learn more organic marketing techniques, and you want to build deeper relationships with potential clients than this is for you.
If need more consistent sales coming in, then this is for you. It is for new coaches and beginners.
I’ve never coached before, and I don’t have a background in coaching, can I do this too?
This is for you. I’m on a mission to create a world where people know that they can create ANYTHING and everything they want. That means more people need coaches and mentors. I’m here to help you take that first step, so that you are one step closer to building the empire, and creating a more innovative, positive and vibrant world.
What if I’m scared?
AH! You finally got to the root of the issue here. You didn’t really have all those questions above. You just wanted to know if you could really do it, and you’re scared.
Here’s the thing. Whenever you do something you have never done, your body will TRICK you into trying to play it safe. Our bodies are designed for SURVIVAL, and not thriving.
So here’s the question- Do you want to survive? Or do you want to thrive?
The reason I thrive today having multiple 5 figure cash months, travelling the world, speaking on stages is because even though I used to be very shy and inscure, I chose to get outside of my comfort zone.
I choose to do something differently and think BIGGER to align myself to a different and better life, with BIGGER results.
So here’s the thing. The universe is always responding to your energy.
This is your chance. Will you play it ‘safe’ and get the same results you’ve always gotten? Or will you get the support that you deserve, and show the universe that you are open to receiving support in what’s important to you.
Are you going to show the universe that you show up for your dreams so it can take your lead and show you the miracles it’s been waiting to show you are right in front of you.
When you cast away fear and doubt to relinquish what you want, you become the perfect example and story teller to help your clients conquer their fears and step into their power.
Money is just energy. When you learn how to harness good vibes, and put out GOOD ENERGY in the form of helping people, you can get that money back in cash money!

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