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After a really hard run of things and a really deep depression and a lot of grief and a lot of loss I really believed that that was as good as it gonna get. I went through years of traditional therapy and just there were missing pieces and like things just weren’t clicking and it felt like we were kind of beating a dead horse.

Finding YES SUPPLY and finding the combination of using the subconscious level of healing with manifestation law of attraction and just energy work was literally all the pieces I could have ever asked for. Like my final tools in healing fully rom everything I’ve been through.

I have never been vibrating this high ever and I wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world and the best part is knowing that I never have to again.


I just celebrated my first 30k month! It’s five days into the month and I’ve hit 10,000 dollar!

If right now you’re watching this and you’re like “how do I do that?” Literally soak everything in everything that Reese’s is teaching you and apply it and I swear it works! Do the work and be patient with yourself – it’s a journey not a destination!

I don’t know what’s happening for the rest of the month but I know I’m gonna keep my momentum going and show up powerfully and I just know and trust and I have faith now that this is my new reality!


Before I came I knew I wanted to help people.

I went to school for psychology, and then I went to school for counseling before I started to work. Then I went back to school for another counselor and for another psychology program – I was on a search to gain the skills I needed to help people break free because I really felt like I was gathering skills and the counseling helped but then it was like this last little thing at the end, these little minor blocks that even I had and I couldn’t figure it out.

I even went to an Ivy League Columbia University and their coaching program was not giving me the skills I needed.

I really wanted to help people and Reese’s program has given me what I was looking for. The techniques Reese teaches actually work and like I said, I was going through a lot of schools and I paid a lot of money and I’m so happy now that I invested the money in Reese’s program because I’ve got what I’ve been looking for for like a decade so you should do it!


I am a retired librarian and I got to a point in my life where I just needed something new and fresh, I needed a change.

I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to sit in the seat that I have been able to sit in this week. If you are on the fence, you need to do this!

Reese is amazing and this training is amazing! Even if you didn’t become a coach after just for your own self-worth, you need to do this!


Before I came here, I was so full of uncertainty. I kept playing over this sort of theme in my mind of why did you do this? Who the hell did you think you were to to sign up for something like this? What were you thinking? You’re a copywriter.

As soon as I came into the room, I remembered that feeling that I had when I signed up and when I decided to invest in myself. I remembered that I was right to trust myself and now at the end of the training, I am so grateful that I made the leap to give myself a sign that I deserve this!


This has been amazing for me as a coach! I feel like I have stretched way further beyond what I thought that I could –  I thought I knew things coming into the training but I’ve learned so much.

I’ve even been able to go back and like dig in the archives and bring up old things that I thought were resolved issues with my personal life and basically really get to the root of them and find resolution. It’s been amazing, I feel so much lighter!


I was at zero dollars and I was at the lowest point in my life and when I said yes to me there was an energetic shift that happened. When I started implementing the tools and techniques that Reese is teaching us I was able shed layers and layers and layers and years and years and year of limiting beliefs in a matter of seconds. It was legit like magic!

I highly suggest if you have any limiting beliefs that you’re wanting to release to come to Reese’s training.

It was so magical and this container was so transformational and I know it’s just the beginning.


I have never been this confident, I have never been this excited about life, about being a coach, about all of the ways I’m gonna be able to help people!

The fact that I now know that I am going to sit down across from a client and I’m going to know exactly how I’m gonna help them is a game-changer. There’s something about stepping into your confidence and truly believing and owning who you are and that’s me now!

I am the person who can go on lives, I’m the person who can ask for the sale, I am the person who knows inherently in my heart that I’m going to make a difference. Anyone who wants to change their life and be the best brightest version of themselves has to take this course.

But the first thing that you have to do is decide that you are going to make a decision and change and once you do that, the world will literally open up for you and you are worthy and you deserve it and just take the chance because your life will be better because of it!


I signed up for the YES SUPPLY Method because I had this calling inside me that I was going to impact the world and really step into my power. I was looking for a program that can get you from A to B, that would show you how to coach as well as implementing the mindset techniques.

Investing in YES SUPPLY was a no brainer for me. I knew I needed it to step into the next level self. It has literally been worth every single penny. Since joining, everything has been aligning for me.

I have shed layers and done so much healing and really stepped into my next-identity self. I can see where I’m going now clearly and it’s just so much closer than it was before.


I signed up for YES SUPPLY last year because I was really looking for an experience where I could uplevel my coaching skills and build a business that was sustainable. I came across Reess and I completely resonated with her style, the way that she spoke, her energy and everything that would be taught inside the YES SUPPLY Method.

I am blown away by what I’ve experienced. I’m still kind of speechless to how much I’ve changed, grown, elevated, and just transformed my life by simply being in the energy of the most amazing people. I’ve learnt the most incredible techniques that I know that are going to help my clients, let go of any negative emotions, limiting beliefs, limiting decisions – anything that’s going to help transform their life to increase their confidence and to help them step into that CEO lifestyle.

I am so so grateful that I took the leap and said yes to myself!

YES SUPPLY will change your life! I’ve made the most incredible friends, I’ve got the most amazing coach, and I’m really looking forward to implementing everything that I’ve learned and stepping into my next level identity.

My confidence has grown and I’ve really just shed layers of being held back, of being judged, of fear of failure. I have been able to attract clients who are going to be doing single sessions with me, I’ve been able to book discovery calls for clients who are interested in my style of coaching and I’m just blown away by the transformation made.


This has been such a mind blowing experience, I feel like its unlocked a whole other level of potential regarding what I can contribute to the world.

So I’ve you have some kind of dream and want to get your message out there, I can not recommend enough how important it is to learn these amazing techniques.

Thank you Reese so much, for making my life that much richer and bringing so much more meaning to my mission.

Paulien Timmer

Relationship + Love Coach and YES SUPPLY METHOD studens

It really has worked! I’m not even through the program yet but this month is my first 10K month!

Mimi Boyer

Happiness & Business Coach

I can’t believe how aligned I felt when I invested in my growth and decided to take the YES SUPPLY certification program. From the very first second I felt so valued and supported by Reese and her team.

The shift in energy I got from joining this community, attending the weekly live calls and going through the incredible content has been invaluable.

In my very first week after joining the program I made over $10K in sales. I’m just starting out and I know I gained life-time tools and mindset shifts that will help me thrive for the rest of my life and help people around me do the same.

Liz White

Business + Success Coach

It’s the first week after getting my Practitioner Certification and I am s00000000000 obsessed with how this is impacting my business. I had my first two sessions yesterday which were literally life changing for my clients – it opened their eyes to being in total control of their emotions and life. So many other amazing things have happened like: landing a client for my new 4-month coaching program (who paid in full!), multiple women interested in my new program and getting on (paid) first calls with one, women telling me that they are saving up to work with me and it’s their 2019 goal!

If I’m unstoppable now… what will happen next?!

Kara Fillion

Success Coach + Entrepreneur

I had my first launch with no discovery call and it was an 18k launch, the easiest launch ever. I really see a huge difference in my mindset, thanks to NLP!

Love Voundi

Branding Coach

The YES SUPPLY training was a life changing, life transformative experience. I came in as an mentally exhausted woman and left as a strong, confident light warrior ready to take the world.

All the techniques are incredibly powerful and the warmth, passion and love for her mission Reese shows is inspiring and lifting. Be sure this is an investment with assured return.

As we were still studying, I had 2 prospects interested to have coaching sessions with me. Even though if I only closed one, I still earned while learning! And 2300€ isn’t too bad right! If you’re hesitating about the investment, I can tell you it is worth it. For yourself, your transformation to be more and do more and become a leader in your field. Everything is laid down for you to have a running, successful business. Definitely enroll today if you feel the call! You’re in good hands.

Megan Minns

Productivity and Business Coach

Just this week I signed 3 1:1 Private Coaching Clients and they all paid in full! All without doing a single sales call!

Beatriz Soto


I built out my first program and using the sales script provided, I closed a client on my first ever sales call for 82500! Thanks for all the amazing support, tools, and guidance from Reese

Ashley Perkins

Mindset + Success Coach

Working with Reese has completely transformed me as a woman and business owner.

When we began working together six months ago, I desperately lacked direction in my business as I was transitioning my niche and specialization, and it was wreaking havoc on my mindset and my bank account. Reese held space on such a massive level for me to realize my full potential which helped me gain the clarity I needed to not only own my unique skills and experience, but integrate them into my business in such a powerful way.

Six months later, I’ve turned my yearly income into my monthly income, I’m working with the most amazing clients, and I’m pursuing my passion with purpose without all the stress and burnout thanks to a completely streamlined, scalable business model.

Laura Herde

Life & Success Coach

I decided to join the YesSupply Mindset & Manifestation Coach Training in October 2019 after looking at Reese’s sales page for 5 minutes. Yep. That’s how long it usually takes me to decide whether I want to invest into something and go all in with it.

Diving deep into the theories of emotional freedom, learning about different NLP models and improving my coaching skills during this training strengthened and expanded my knowledge about not only my personal coaching practice, but also the laws of the universe, the limitless energy within us and the power of our subconscious mind.

Reese’s spiritual approach to coaching, working with energies and learning how to set intentions that would level up my business within 6 months has been life-changing.

The course included becoming a practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming, EFT tapping, Time Techniques and hypnosis, as well as getting certified in life and success coaching.

What can I say? Investing my resources into this training and becoming a certified coach resulted in a major turning point in my business and still is one of the best decisions I have ever made (business-wise).

The YesSupply Coaching Certification helped me to scale my business from working 14 hours every single day and a turnover of 5.000 € /month to leading a team of 5 incredible women, working less than I ever have before all whilst having a turnover of 15.000 € + each month. I recently had my biggest launch yet, which resulted in $44k in sales. I am now charging what I am worth and have unshakable confidence in my ability to change women’s lives and achieving success in whatever goal I set my mind to.

Combining the law of attraction with the law of action has become my new go-to, and it has enables me to take some massive leaps within the past 9 months.

Reese is such a wonderful, warm-hearted and wise woman – I highly recommend her expertise and her programs to everyone who wants to grow personally and also wants to level-up their business.

Reese, thank you so much! I am thrilled to see you again soon and continue my journey by joining the Master-level program. I am ready for the next upgrade with you and can’t wait to run my own certification program in 2022!


The universe has guided you here for a reason, and I am BEYOND confident in the resources, training and support I’ve created for you to help you really win – no matter what your background.

Even if you don’t know HOW it’s possible for you- if I can come from where I was to where I am now, you can too.

I used to have so much fear and doubt that it wasn’t possible for me too…there was no proof that this would ever happen.

I just had my heart and my dream. And here I am.

I believe in the same uprising for you.

(Note: Price includes a one-time $100 completion certificate fee)

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