Become A YES SUPPLY Influencer

Join the YES SUPPLY METHOD Influencer program, and take this huge leap for your life and your business.

At YES SUPPLY we equip our students with the tools to help release what’s holding them back and create quantum leaps in their life using a blend of science, the spiritual universal laws, mindset, and energy work. Being an influencer of YES SUPPLY means that you will help us bring our magic formula into the hands of more people, helping them create richer lives, and attract EVERYTHING they’ve ever dreamed of by applying these tools.


Let’s take the message
of saying YES to ourselves worldwide,and
teach people how to harness the power of their emotions,thoughts, and energy
to reach all of our highest potential.

How The YES SUPPLY Influencer Program Works

1 - 10 Sales
You'll start out by receiving 15% commission ($825/sale) on every YES SUPPLY Method Certification sale you earn with your affiliate link!
11-20 Sales
Once you hit 10 sales in total, you'll not only receive the 15% commission but we'll celebrate you hitting this milestone by sending you a special gift!
21+ Sales
Once you reach 20 sales, you'll be bumped up to 20% commission! That's $1100 per sale!

Swipe Files For The YES SUPPLY Influencer Program


Resources To Share
Using Your Unique Link

YES SUPPLY Method Certification Program
The Program That Is Helping New And Experienced Coaches

This is the page where your referrals can go to learn all about what they will get when they are certified.

Decide What Kind Of Coach You Want To Be Workbook

Do you have Facebook friends, Instagram followers or people in your life who have been dreaming of leaving their jobs and do something more fulfilling? Maybe you know an influencer who shares amazing personal development and spiritual content and they want to bring coaching into their business or uplevel their knowledge.

In This FREE Action Guide, I share:

– How To Map Out Your Ideal Day With The Exact Same Exercise I Followed That Allowed It To Crystallize Into Reality In Under A Year!

– The Traits Every Successful Person, Coach and Influencer MUST Have In Order To Achieve Their Goals

– How To Gain Absolute Clarity About Who You Want To Help and Want You Want To Be Known For

– How To Make Decisions From A Place Of Creativity And Expansion, And How To Use The Scale Of Consciousness To Make Sure You’re On The Right Track

5 Day Elevate Challenge

This is a free 5 day course where the participants will learn techniques to improve their coaching sessions, how to prep their clients for sessions, how to keep their clients accountable, and deep change work they can do on an energetic and subconscious level (Including Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, and energy work) to create massive change and transformation in their clients, while becoming more powerful and transformational coaches, healers and lightworkers.

Plan Your First Coaching Session

This is perfect for your friends, family members and community who want to do fulfilling work, and have thought of becoming a coach, but they want to know how to run a session! There is excellent guidance in this workbook on planning out a 60 minute or 90 minute coaching session.

Six Figure Coach Masterclass

We’ve created a high-converting evergreen webinar that shows coaches, lightworkers and healers how to maximize their skillset as coaches, practitioners, and light workers and helps them boost their success, confidence and create influence. There are 3 times every day that they can sign up for the masterclass, so they can attend at the best time for them!

4 Steps To Become
A YES SUPPLY Influencer

Step No. 1— Sign Up

Becoming A YES SUPPLY Influencer

Create a YES SUPPLY Influencer Account through our affiliate platform Thrivecart.

You will be asked for all of your information, including an Affiliate ID which is your unique Affiliate ID and will be included in all of your links. For the code put something you want to have in your affiliate links. Your links for sharing will look something like this:


You can also make your links shorter with tools like Bit.ly, and Rebrand.ly.

Step No. 2— Create A PayPal Business Account

So We Can Pay You Your Commissions

Create A PayPal Business Account in order to receive your commission. You will only be able to promote our products and receive a commission once you have created & linked a PayPal business account.

Step No. 3— Connect Your PayPal Account To Thrivecart

And Start Getting Paid

Log into you affiliate dashboard by heading over to thrivecart.com and clicking the sign-in link at the very top of the page.

Once signed in you will be taken to their overview page. You then need to click on the products tab.

Click the button Connect Your PayPal. This will take you to the page where you can connect your Business PayPal account to your affiliate account. Follow the instructions given.

Step No. 4— Share The Links

And See Your Commissions Roll In

You can access your affiliate dashboard by visiting https://thrivecart.com/signin/ and then logging in using your email address and password.

Once logged in you will have access to your affiliate dashboard and you’ll want to click the products tab at the top.

You’ll be shown a list of products which you are approved for. To access your affiliate link, simply click on one of the products to be taken to it’s dedicated resource area.

At the bottom of this area will be your affiliate link. This is the link you must share when promoting a product. If you do not direct traffic to this URL, the sale will not be associated with you.

Note: if you’re wanting to use something like PrettyLinks, Bit.ly or goo.gl to shorten or make the URL nicer to share, then you can do so. Just make sure the target of the URL is your affiliate link as shown here.

still have questions?

Check out our FAQ’s

Q: Where Can I Find My Affiliate Links?

A: Your affiliate links are saved in your Thrivecart account. Simply log in to your account, click on the Products tab, and click on Yes Supply Coach. You´ll see all links under the tab “Affiliate Info”. Still questions? Check the Get Started Guide with detailed instructions on how to locate your links.

Q: When Will I Be Paid Out?

A: The commission is 15% and is paid out 30 days after you’ve referred the sale via Paypal! If the person you referred signs up for a payment plan, you´ll be paid out a 15% commission of each monthly installment every 30 days.

Q: How Will I Be Paid Out?

A: The only way to receive your commission is to connect your Paypal business account. All commission payments will be made through Paypal.

Q: Is There A Minimum Payout Threshold I Need To Reach?

A: Nope! We want you to earn your commissions whether it’s 10 cents or $100. Even if only 1 person signed up via your link, you´ll receive the payout 30 days after the person has signed up.

Q: How Do I Link To A Specific Product?

A: Great question! We recommend you link to a specific product instead of our homepage to increase conversions. Link to a product of your choice by logging into your Thrivecart account and picking the link.

Q: How Long Does My Link Track For?

A: The cookies will be tracked for 1 year. This means that when a follower clicks your link, and purchases anytime over the next 356 days, you’ll earn a commission!

Q: What Content Can I Share?

A: We´ve collected content ideas and swipe files in this guide. Reese also shares weekly tips in the Earn While You Learn series in the YES SUPPLY Method Facebook Group.   You can find these posts by searching #YSMpartner in the Facebook group!

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