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Do you have a dream biz inside of you, just waiting to be launched? I bet you do.

You have a unique life’s worth of experience, of unique skills and talents that all lead to your purpose.


If you’re here, I know you’re on the path to getting your yes. You have that little voice inside you that’s telling you that you’re made for so much more. You have yearning to break out of the norms of the 9-5 grind, eating the same food, and doing the same thing. You want to be FREE.

And who doesn’t?

When you discover what your purpose in this world is, and start to create a business out of it, you begin to live a life where nothing feels like work. Where you wake up excited to start every day.

A perfect way to live your purpose is to build a business and brand that helps others and aligns to imprint you want to leave on the world.



In this lesson we’re going to take you through coming up with an idea for your DREAM business based on what you’re good at and what you really like to do.

Most importantly, we’re going to create something that feels like you are achieving your purpose everytime you work on it. Your purpose, that WHY behind everything you do, is what is going to keep you motivated and moving forward even on the tough days.

So with that, grab your favorite notepad, your fave pen, light a delicious candle make sure you’re free of distractions (no instagram pls) and let’s hop in.

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Download the workbook for this course:


Anyone can start a business…but starting a business that doesn’t feel like work, now that’s an art.

In the first part of creating your YES supply business, we’re going to look intrinsically to find out what the perfect biz for you would be.

Grab a notebook and ask yourself “What are you good at?”

We’ll also come up with ideas for our blog. Try to be specific and base your blog off of something that you like:

What Are You Good At?

What Do You Love?

What Do You Have Experience In?

What Can You Provide A Unique Perspective On?

You can fill out your answers in the workbook.

What are your innate skills?

What you may think is a regular talent, many other people would be amazed by.

What could you offer value in?

What have you always been good at?

• Great advice?

• Great drawer?

• Writing skills

Where can you offer value in someone else’s life or business?

This has to come from inside, not from external influences- so take a break from the outside world to consider this

Have you ever started a project and never finished it?

The reason that you quit is that you might not have had that driving force inside you that makes you go at your goal NON-STOP. You need to have something inside you that is willing to push push push you even when times get tough!

The thing that will keep you going is your reason, your purpose, and of course the warm and happy feelings that will keep you motivated.

Yes, you can be selfish here and think about the things that will make you feel good about your business. We’re not doing ALL of this for you to not love it, right?

This is the most important part about planning out your future biz.

What caused that for you? Was it performing on stage? Was it building something? Was it throwing an event everyone loved? What is training someone and they were so thankful for your help.

It’s super important to nail down what gives you that happy feeling. That Dopamine rush. Because it will keep you motivated to keep creating, keep producing and staying motivated to get what you want.

As humans, that rush of dopamine is what causes us to eat certain things, spend time with certain people WHAT CAUSED THAT FOR YOU? WAS IT PERFORMING ON STAGE? WAS IT THROWING AN EVENT EVERYONE LOVED? WAS IT TRAINING SOMEONE AND THEY WERE SO THANKFUL?


What sets your heart on fire?

What gives you the warm and tinglies?

How Do You Want Your Life To Be?

If you’re going to design a career and life of your dreams, you have to know what your dream life is going to look like.

Think about your life in these four quadrants: Business, Relationships, Lifestyle, Health.

Design your ideal workday. When would you wake up? Would you go to the gym? Would you spend the day on the phone with clients, or go out to events?

This is all important to keep in mind, and help you realize if the career path you are embarking on is the right one for you:

You can copy this document to your own google docs to have a copy of your own ideal day:


Bring it all together

Now that you’ve written out every itty bitty part of you, your skills, your talents, it’s time to wrap it all together and find out how you can turn it into a business.

Take some time to get creative and write things out.

It may not all make sense at first, but write out how you can write out the things you like, you’re good at and you’re passionate about and think about ways to monetize. Think about the aspects you like the most.

Think outside of the box: maybe the thing you’re creating has never been done before!

Maybe you want to offer a product. Maybe you want to offer a service.

Give yourself some time…do some research online like: Which jobs include”skill #1″ and “skill #2”

Here are a few ideas of job paths you might want to follow based on what you like to do:



Sell prints or tee shirts

Design a product + sell it

Write music, creative production, or creating videos



Like to write?


Freelance writer




Like Events and Meeting People?


Event Planner

Wedding Planner


Got a Big Personality?


Start a Podcast

Launch a youtube channel

Become a blog or instagram personality


Good With Numbers and Money?


Book Keeper

Personal Accountant

Financial Planner

Virtual Assistant


Also try taking a personality test like at 16personalities.com for an analysis of your personality type and your dream job.

Visualize a Day In Your New Business

Now before you get a jump start on building your dream biz, you want to make sure that it’s the right thing for you.

I always walk my clients who are just starting a business through a visualization to feel sure that the path they’re choosing is right for them.

Once you’ve narrowed down on your dream biz spend at least 20 minutes visualizing a day in the life with this lifestyle.


For example, if your plan is to become a coach, imagine yourself going through a day in the life:


• Imagine waking up in the morning and opening your eyes

• Imagine making your espresso and writing your daily affirmations for the day

• Chatting with 3 clients on the phone

• Grabbing lunch at your favorite bakery

• Hitting up an afternoon yoga class

• Spending an hour promoting

• Spending the evening with a loved one…

Imagine yourself going through your day in this dream job….


Now your turn. Think about the business you have decided on and imagine your entire day. Feel yourself in the moment. Make it feel real.

Do you like these experiences? Does it feel right? Is this how you want to spend every day for the next few years of your life?

Does it sound right? You’ve picked a good thing and you can move on with starting to plan more for this business idea.

You can also spend some time imagining some of the other ideas you’ve come up with to decide what seems right for you.

I had to include this here: The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Don’t let all this hard work go to waste because you don’t know EXACTLY how to start. Just start somewhere. Remember: there is no perfect roadmap-everyone takes their own unique path.

When you’re first starting everything your path of how you’re going to get going is going to feel fuzzy.

That’s okay! That’s normal. No one really has is all figured out.

But the most important thing is to keep going every-single-day.


Because the difference between those who make it, and those who don’t is they don’t stop..ever.


Stay consistent, keep your end goal in mind, start implementing the things you learn in the collective and in the mentorship masterclasses and ALWAYS keep looking for opportunities.


How To Stay Accountable:


• Start doing your daily Good Morning Beautiful emails and do something every day that brings you one step to where you want to be.

• Write your goal on a piece of card no bigger than a business card and keep it with you everywhere you go. Use it to remind you of your goal, and remember to visualize you having all the things you want.

• Get an accountability partner, or ask the Collective community to keep you accountable.

Most people don’t fail because they couldn’t, it was because they didn’t.

Remember how we said you should be able to write your business idea on a business card.

I want you to do that.

Keep it with you where ever you go, and think about it every day.

This is the secret everyone forgets to tell you.

It seems so obvious that we forget how important it is.

But you HAVE to take action-even if you don’t feel 100% ready.


Do not spend too much time reading hundreds of blog posts. Or buying up all the courses. Without first giving it a try on your own.

You’ll learn SO much stuff you never will use.

I see so many people

Instead craft a plan, look at what you have to complete next and go one step at a time. You’ll get so much more done when you just take action!

Now this you don’t have to do immediately, but eventually, you should try and find a business bestie. But I want you to approach this from a different angle.

Now, often with a gym buddy, you look at your gym buddy to motivate you, and if she doesn’t go to the gym , then you become lazy and don’t follow through with your plan. That’s a lose-lose situation for you and your bestie.

I want you to approach your business friendship as if she is your mentee. Yes, you can learn from her, but I want you to focus more on GIVING rather than getting.


Because if you can truly motivate and inspire someone to really create something, that will boost your own confidence and motivation and belief in yourself that you can do this ANYWHERE. Yes, you can motivate your future clients to buy, your customers to represent you, and self-belief that you can actually affect someone else’s life.

B. You learn more from TEACHING! So in this age of non-stop content


Looking for your next business bestie? Maybe you’ll meet one in the Collective Chat. Come chat with us there!


You Did it!

You should be so proud. Most people don’t even make it to this level. Most people kind of float through life hoping that the right thing will come to this. But if you don’t make a plan for your own life, someone else will.

You picked your perfect biz idea. Now remember your mission, believe that you can do it, and only take yes for an answer.






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