How To Run A Loop Giveaway

How I got 1000 targeted instagram followers in ONE day.

Guys, I teamed up with an amazing group of influencers to run a loop giveaway and I was SHOCKED by the results.

I had 700 new followers who were targeted to my niche in a matter of hours. By the next day, I was over 1000 new followers.

You can watch the strategy video in our Yes Supply Collective facebook group.

Here’s some sample text you can use:

Follow us, like this post, go to —> (@inserttagpartnerhere)

a winner will receive ( the prize).

Please follow rules 1-4 in order to qualify.

1.FOLLOW me (@Enteryourusernamehere).

2. LIKE this post.

3. GO TO (@addyourtagpartnerhere) and FOLLOW.

4.REPEAT Rules 1-3 on every photo in the loop until you make it back here. YOU MUST FOLLOW all sponsors to qualify.

Then below write a list of everyone who is participating in the loop. The ‘tag partner’ is the person who is below each person.

On the date it’s supposed to be announced, you can let all the participants switch their caption for that post to “The winner is _______” Congrats!

Everyone can delete their post a few hours later.

The good news is: You can totally do this too. Run your own loop giveaway and organize a bunch of girls in your niche to be a part of it.

Don’t feel like running your own giveaway, but participating in one? Shoot me a message in our collective chat and I can connect you with someone who often runs giveaways

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