4 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want

Manifestation is one of the most powerful processes in the world.

You literally get to use your mind to transform your entire life from the inside out. This is a unique secret that was shared with the world many years ago in “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes, who made it applicable to our daily lives. In essence, she showed the world with other teachers of this powerful law — The Law of Attraction — that we can simply have whatever it is we want. Byrnes made it clear that it is up to us to get it through how we train our inner world.

4 step Manifestation

Like attract likes.

Whatever it is we want, we must become.

People usually only go after what they want, but hardly make any changes internally, and they wonder why nothing has changed externally.

I decided to help you BECOME MORE through my own powerful four steps of manifestation. This isn’t for those who are afraid of change. You are going to go through a total transformation as you read this article. You will start to apply these steps to your daily life.

Manifestation will become a lifestyle.

Step 1: Know Your Desire

Most people find their lives completely out of order. It’s not that they don’t want better. It’s because they really don’t know what it is they truly want. They have not taken the time to find clarity in the vision for their lives. Instead of making each moment of their day intentional, they just go with the flow and hope for the best. These are the people who wind up regretting years of their lives because they finally realize that they could have had more.

Even deeper, they could know what they want, but they are afraid they are not worthy of having it. This is a huge problem and stems from a lack of self-worth. It’s more difficult when you don’t see yourself as valuable of the good things that we are destined to have. Some people forget that it’s our birthright to be blessed beyond measure, so we accept whatever is handed to us.

So if you struggle with going after your dreams because you don’t feel like you are good enough, ask yourself, “what limiting belief holds me to this type of thinking?” You could easily believe that you shouldn’t be a millionaire since no one in your family has done it. Your family might look down on people who are wealthy, and you choose poverty so they won’t treat you differently. Maybe you fear being in a relationship because you believe that you’ll always get hurt. And you might find yourself purposefully ruining good relationships due to that very belief.

It’s time for you to push past those beliefs and gain clarity on what it is your heart desires. I invite you to write out exactly what you want in every single area of your life. Goal-setting is not what I am suggesting you do. That will come with time, but for now, picture the life of your dreams with no limits. Pretend that you had no limiting beliefs.

How does that look and feel for you?

Beautiful, isn’t it?

You can have whatever you want.

Take some time to write out why you think you can’t have the image in your mind. Then, turn it around for the positive.

For example, if you believe, I can’t lose weight because everyone in my family is overweight, so I will be too. The turn around statement would be “My family’s genetics concerning weight has nothing to do with me. I can be healthy because someone else has done it. It is possible for me to be at my perfect.”

When you use the turn around statement, you are finding evidence for your desire to come to pass. The more evidence you bring to the light of your mind, the more likely you are to believe it will happen.

Visualize your desires every single day.

This sets your intentions for it to manifest.


Step 2: Intend to Have Your Desire

Most of the time, people spend a lot of their manifesting process digging up any limiting beliefs that they have. I am guilty of this too. Of course this is important, but we have to go past believing in endless possibilities. We have to set our intentions to expectations.

There’s a huge difference between believing and having expectations that your desire will happen.

You might believe that you can get a new job because you’ve seen others do the same. However, you may not expect to get a job in that you have yet to put a time stamp on the manifestation of it. Truly, God has the best timing, but your real expectations will be relevant to your day to day activities. That may look like you keeping your phone volume up so you can hear it ring when the new job calls. Maybe you print out your new resume in advanced because you want to be prepared for the interview. You might even have picked out your outfit to impress yourself and your new boss.

Expectations that are embedded into your daily actions is called ACTIVE FAITH.

This is probably one of the most important time periods in the process of manifestation in that it shows the God of the Universe that you are ready. You are serious about having what you want to come into the physical realm.

Step 3: Take Action on Your Desire

Manifestation isn’t just about dreaming. You have to take action on those dreams through DIVINE ALIGNMENT. Don’t just go out there doing a whole bunch of things that God never told you to do. You must sit down and spend time with your inner self. Think about what feels right for you.

My divine ideas happen most when I am not trying to figure everything out. Usually, I am in the shower or working out. The actions just speak to me as nudges. This article was a nudge for me too. It just feel right to be typing this in this exact moment. My dream is to further my career in being an international writer, and I want to have massive exposure online. I could have just paid for a bunch of ads or post fifty times on Medium, but that doesn’t align to my highest being. My word for today was to share with you how to manifest more easily.

This is called the flow. Your flow is what you do naturally. It isn’t forced. I no longer make myself take action that I am not aligned to.

My biggest mistake in this area was with my fiance. We both knew we didn’t want to get married until we hit our 30s. For us, it was more about building in our 20s to come together later in a marriage. Although we both agreed to get married at 25, the truth is that we winded up going through a horrible break-up because we didn’t do what felt right for us individually. In essence, we hustled into an engagement.

So what happens when you hustle and do things before God’s timing?

Your life falls apart.

It’s not that you did something “wrong”, you just didn’t trust. You tried to make it happen on your own. I know that is what society tells you to do, but they are wrong.

If God gave you a desire, trust me, He is going to have it manifest in the earth.

You just have to balance your energies — feminine and masculine.

I’m not talking about you trying to be a man or woman. I’m sharing how you must flow towards your desires.

I’ll be completely honest. After quitting my full time job in November 2017, I was in super feminine energy. I relaxed, went on vacation, got my hair and nails done, and barely lifted a finger. I made more money than I ever had before — I had a $6,000 day. But then at the end of December 2017, I had a MASSIVE URGE to hustle like crazy. I couldn’t stop working. I was continuously upgrading everything in my businesses. I changed logos, websites, services, employees, everything. And what happened? I got tons of new clients.

As you can see, manifesting what you want requires you to flow between both energies in a balanced approach. However, you must be in tune with those energies. Keep yourself open to switch back and forth between the two. You’ll know when something is off. You will feel it.

Step 4: Receive Your Desire

This is the final and maybe most difficult step in the power of manifesting. Look at the people who you would think would be the most happy in the world because they have everything they want, yet they are still not satisfied. Doesn’t make sense, huh? It’s because they have not fully received their desire.

When people declare what they want to the God of the Universe, they fail to realize they have to become the person with the desire.

For example, if you would like to attain wealth, then you probably should start doing the things the wealthy do. They invest. They save. Their circles change drastically. They have more assets than liabilities.

As you take these steps in advance, you won’t be thrown off when the wealth hits you. You will know exactly what to do, and you will be completely fulfilled. The wealth won’t be a big adjustment.

You have to make having your desires completely normal.

Call to Action

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Jasmine L. Thomas is a follower of Christ, lover of family, a powerful educator, an entrepreneur, and an encourager to everyone she encounters. She is a passionate advocate for educational and Christian-based empowerment amongst youth and women. To live out this calling and passion, Jasmine owns Limitless Learning Tutoring, LLC, The Mindset Queen Coaching Program, and Thomas & Company Publishing. Jasmine believes that people should be given the proper mind enriching tools to elevate their lives to the next level.

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