Five Things You Need to Know Before Negotiating

Five Things You Need to Know Before Negotiating

Nothing is better than a job you truly enjoy. Unless, of course, you are not getting paid what you think you deserve. One of the main reasons for not getting the salary you deserve is not negotiating your salary. Talking about salary can be a stressful and painstakingly awkward conversation, but here are a few tips I use to help make it fun. OK, not fun, but definitely more bearable.Five Things You Need to Know Before Negotiating

Know Your Market Value

Continuously do research on your current position, or the one you’re applying for, as well as the next level up. It helps give you perspective on a realistic, yet aggressive salary.

Trust the Good Old Saying, “Never Accept the First Offer”

This is especially intimidating if you are in desperate need of a new position. However, even if you ultimately agree to the original salary amount they presented, it’s always worth taking a beat to review the full package in detail and offering a rebuttal with a different amount (or adjusted package details).

Find Out the Needs of the Organization and the Position

Just like when you’re trying to solve a problem with a friend, getting an understanding of the other side’s objectives will help make it easier to come up with what you can contribute to the organization and their compensation boundaries.

Set Regular Meetings with your Manager

By having a monthly check-in meeting, you will have a clear understanding of how you are performing, and you’ll be in the position to get insight into what you need to do to move up in the organization.

Just Go For It

Bottom line: you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Just say out loud what your expectations are for the position and the salary. Then you have the power to decide if what is being offered to you makes sense for what you are bringing to the table.


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Five Things You Need to Know Before Negotiating

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