Robin Scott Empath

Collective Muse Of The Month- Social Worker + An Intuitive Empath, Robin Scott

Meet Robin Scott, our Collective Muse of The Month

A social worker from the East Coast of Canada using her story as an intuitive empath to normalize energy and advocate for the rights and needs of intuitive people.

Robin Scott Empath

Tell me about The Diary Of An Empath

My business emerged from my blog, a blog I started after working in formal mental health and realizing intuitive people didn’t have a voice. My blog gave us one, and underneath the soft colours and flow of words is a strong political statement that challenges current mental health models and affirms that sensitivity is strength and that being sensitive doesn’t mean you are inadequate or somehow in the way, and instead means you are LEADING the way and very much needed!

When I’m not blogging, or sending my community self-care reminders, I’m mentoring others in owning their stories, knowing their worth and aligning their energy in a way that’s supportive of a healthier, happier, more meaningful and authentic, peaceful, abundant life so they can get themselves out of the muck and into the heart-centered work they were called here to do.

When I work with someone it’s rarely me speaking, it’s often their higher selves. I go into a zone and I channel and took me a LONG time to accept what was happening and not try to convince it away.

Robin Scott Empath

What is your MISSION STATEMENT? How are you going to change the world/other people’s lives and make a positive impact?

I’m here to advocate for intuitive and their rights, but the mission statement of my blog is that it’s safe to be sensitive and that being understood (and accepted) is more powerful than we can yet know.

I practice from a strengths-based empowerment model and weave elements of narrative therapy and anti-oppressive practice throughout all that I do. And I’m going to make an impact by continuing to just be me. An incredibly grounded empath who can advocate because she sees both sides – why intuitives aren’t valued and why they need to be!

What are the steps it took you to get to where you are now?

Hitting rock bottom again and again and again. And never giving up no matter how many times I fell. I take learning my lessons seriously and I am always looking to grow, and growth is hard so I spend a lot of my time in hardship. That said, it doesn’t feel like a hardship. It feels like growth. The blog and business part is easy, the lessons I had to learn to be able to show up the way I do were hard. I’m an old soul and so my lessons started early and I could never understand why everyone else seemed to have it easier than me. I couldn’t rest, I knew I had work to do since I was a child. I didn’t know what that work was, and I couldn’t verbalize it, I just knew I was here for a reason and that I had something working with me and that I was made to love people (and especially animals) in a really special way.

What is your YES! What kind of life do you want to live?

My yes is freedom. Freedom of thought, the freedom to BE. Not being tied down to any social systems or any social conditioning and being authentically me. I can’t wait to travel and sit in cozy coffee shops and someday speak at the UN. 🙂

How does the community help you achieve that?

Reese! You don’t even know how powerful your community is. You EMBODY freedom. It wouldn’t matter what you said, or what or when you posted, it’s your energy that ignites the DNA of those who come across your work. I sometimes just go on your site to be in your energy because energy doesn’t discriminate and anything you’ve left an imprint on carries the energy that is you. When I need to feel free, I search for you!

Robin Scott Empath

What influenced you to join the collective?

Aside from feeling your energy and wanting it, it was Tiffani Purdy who gave me the final push! She has since started her own work for empaths!

Why do you love Good Morning Beautiful? What impact has it had on your life?

There is a lot of fluff in the world and I can get really down because of it. Inauthenticity in myself and in the external world causes me distress. There are A LOT of people posting content every single day and your GMB is the only thing I pay attention to (content-wise) in my inbox. You are forever reminding us that it’s the small steps that make the big change; a much-needed reminder for us visionaries and dreamers. The impact can’t be put into words.

Are you on your own journey as an empath, and want to learn how to not only get by but thrive in today’s society? Robin has a treasure chest full of incredible content on her blog The Diary Of An Empath. Head there to learn about your spiritual tools, manifesting tips, and content with heart.

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