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How To Start Your Own Boutique: Convey Store Owners Interview

Do you ever talk to a pair of sisters and realize that they’re so on the same page, and so in tune with what the other is thinking that they can finish each others’ sentences? That’s exactly what it was like when we met with the stylish duo of Convey on Queen St W. But the catch is that they’re not sisters. Just perfect business-partners.


They founded Convey on the premise that having unique and amazing style + feeling good should be accessible to everyone, and they’re pulling in all of the brands we’ve been dying to buy, but haven’t been able to find in North America, like Georgia Alice, Extraordinary Ordinary Day, and First Base.


They shared with us what it’s like to open up your own retail store, while still being in your 20’s and their advice for those thinking of starting out.

Here’s what Jennifer + Daniela from Convey had to say:

What made you begin thinking about starting your own store?

Working in retail with plenty of experience and not entirely enough satisfaction – a small idea grew into something that now has no boundaries. Being in a city like Toronto, there is plenty of opportunity to develop and create, but a particular audience to please. You see the same brands and the same styles in the stores you shop at – we decided to shake up the retail scene and offer something exclusive to our clientele. D


How did you get started?

Once we decided to run with our CONVEY dream we realized if you want to be successful creating a business you need to focus all of your time and energy into it. We both left our respective jobs, started connecting with our brands and within a week we hopped on a plane to Australia to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. J


What inspired you to start on this journey?

We feel as if there is a common misconception about working in fashion. There is a negative stigma that fashion is this serious thing where you have to look, dress or act a certain way. What has inspired us to create CONVEY is to contradict this misconception. You can work in fashion and have a sense of humour. You can wear things and express yourself through fashion and fashion connects so many people. How you dress can convey a message and I think that’s what makes fashion so empowering. D

What keeps you going?

Caffeine. J


What makes Convey Different from the rest?

Together, we have 15 years of fashion retail experience. Having seen a void for exclusive brands accompanied by exceptional customer service, CONVEY was born. With everything we do from our products, to our store design, to the way we service our clients, we strive to be different. D


3 pieces of advice from you that someone who wants to be an entrepreneur and open their own shop should keep at top of mind:

1. Raise your hand. J

2. Now is the time. D

3. Don’t compromise. J


What was a stuggle you had to overcome to make it to where you are now?

The struggle that we both had to overcome was leaving stability. However we both knew that we wouldn’t be happy until we did. D

Who told you no?

Whenever you’re doing something bold you are bound to hear the word no, but neither of us are very good at taking no for an answer. J


What was your turn-around point?

On our 24 hour flight home from Australia we had heaps of time to think about CONVEY and everything we had accomplished on our trip. We spent most of the plane ride in silence as it was the first moment since we started CONVEY of stillness. And then when we got home we moved into our store space two days later and haven’t stopped since. D

Did you always have a dream to become what you are now?

Yes. J



What was your yes supply moment?

I think from the first moment sitting on Jen’s couch over a glass of wine and deciding maybe we should open a retail store we both said yes. We have not stopped or given up since. What has been so great about working as a team is that in my moments of weakness Jen supplies the yes and vice versa. D —-




To view the full interview:

To learn more about Jennifer + Daniela, check out shopconvey.com

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  1. Maggie

    3 August

    The article was nice but gave no real direction on how to start a retail business. A lot of inspirational fluff, which is important but I would love details on how to start a retail business from the ground up.

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