get more views on YouTube

3 Videos You Need to Create If You Want to Get More Views on YouTube!

The scariest part about starting a  brand new YouTube channel is trying to figure out how in the heck to get views in the first place. And if you’ve been producing videos for awhile, you may be at a point where you’re wondering how to get more views on YouTube period.

Everyone wants to know: How exactly do you promote your videos? What content will people actually find interesting, and what makes them like, comment and share?

In today’s post not only am I going to share with you what videos you need to create if you want to get more views on YouTube, but also, how these types of video content will help you grow an active community!

3 Videos You Need to Create if you want to Get More Views on YouTube!

get more views on YouTube


How-to videos are the best videos to create because people are constantly trying to find out how to do something on the Internet.

If you want to grow your community and get more views on YouTube, you want to create videos providing answers to questions your ideal audience wants to know.

If you haven’t posted your first YouTube video yet, and you’re wondering how in the heck will you get views, this has to be one of the simplest and fastest ways to get your first couple of hundred views.

The trick with how-to videos is that they need be structured and delivered in a concise way that makes the most sense to your audience.

And just to be clear, when I say concise, I don’t mean focus on creating 1-3 minute videos.

The number one question I get is what length should your YouTube videos be. The truth is, your videos can be 3 minutes long or they can be 10 minutes plus. Just because of a video is short doesn’t mean it will perform better or be more interesting. In fact, Youtube ranks videos higher that are longer in length because it’s perceived as being more valuable.

The success of a video comes down to the opportunities that are available within SEO and if people actually like your content and find it entertaining.

So it’s your job as a creator and business owner to figure out what content is entertaining to your audience, that can get them to hang out on your channel for longer than 5 minutes.

The secret to creating entertaining, long form videos, is found in a script.

When you script your content, you’re able to list out your ideas in a way that make the most sense, using as few words as possible. When you film your videos off the cuff, often times you go on & on about certain topics or elements, and this ends up making your videos feel long and boring.

If you want to learn how to script your videos and get a YouTube script template, you can download my video script guide. Click here to download for free.


In the same way that bloggers can drive major traffic to their site with round up blog posts, round up video posts are pretty powerful too.

The most known round up posts on YouTube are known as Monthly Favorites. The problem with monthly favorites is that there are soooooo many of them and one Monthly Favorite video usually contains a mix of hair, makeup, skincare, beauty, books, and movies.

Creating this type of video really makes it hard to stand out.

So if you’re going to do a Monthly Favorite, make it 100% related to your niche. Don’t settle under the umbrella term of lifestyle and try to talk about everything. This rarely works unless you have built a sizeable following already.

The best round up posts are ones that cover a specific topic like…

1. Girlbosses you need to follow on YouTube
2. The best business books for Girlbosses!
3. The 5 Best Fitness Apps for Losing Belly Fat!
4. 5 Planners to help you KILL overwhelm so you can CRUSH it online!
5. 5 Ways Ambitious Stay At Home Moms Can Make Easy Money Online!

3. Reaction Posts & Reviews

For most of us, when we think of reviews on YouTube, we think of tech or beauty reviews. But did you know you can provide a video reaction or review to ANY trend or popular new release?

One of the leaders in your niche puts out a new book? Then do a review on it!

A new documentary came out and it covers topics that you normally talk about? Provide a reaction to it.

The best part about reaction posts and/or reviews is that normally you can get a ton of traffic from it because there are people naturally curious and want to see reviews before they decide if something is worth watching or buying.
Take for example, Erin Henry of The May Collective.

Erin creates videos about business, attracting success and wellness into your life through the law of attraction, and programming your mind for success. She is also a business success coach.

On April 21st, 2017, Sophia Amoruso’s, ‘GirlBoss’, was released on Netflix.

On April 24th, Erin uploaded a video giving her reaction and review to the GirlBoss series.

get more views on YouTube

This video received over 50K views in just two short months. It’s now one of her top 10 most popular videos.

The most interesting part of all of this is that not that many people bothered to review the Girlboss Netflix series on YouTube. This means that Erin filled a huge gap in information that people were searching for.

Even when you search ‘Girlboss Netflix Review’ most of it is filled with show trailers (that can easily be bypassed even if you created a video today on this topic because they’re not even tagged properly – hint, hint).


If you want to get more views on YouTube, you have to create content that people are searching for. The best way to do this is through how-to videos, round up videos, reactions and reviews.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention YouTube collaborations, a very popular way to grow your YouTube channel, this is because when you’re first starting off on YouTube, and only have 8 subscribers, unfortunately the collaboration well looks pretty dry.

In order to get more views on YouTube, grow your subscriber base and build your actual community, you have to create really good content that not only educates, but entertains people.
So let loose, quit trying to be perfect, and show off your best asset: your personality.

get more views on YouTube

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Natasha Solae is the Founder of GirlCEO, the only network dedicated to helping women build massively successful empires using video marketing, the Internet's most powerful secret. Check out her FREE course for female entrepreneurs looking to Get Started on Youtube » How to Get Paid to Be Yourself.

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    29 November

    I make reaction videos on Youtube, and I am just wondering how to get more viewers to my channel? I have searched and the conclusion that I have draw up is that I need to use Metatags. I do use these, and I am still finding it a bit difficult to drum up viewers. Any advice

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