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Hiring Staff? Create a Productive And Healthy Work Place

When you’re building a small startup, as a creative, you’re often the one doing all the work. Your the brand specialist, the social media manager, and the builder of your product, plus more. However, before you know it, you’ll start to get customers purchasing, the need to build out different areas of your business, and eventually you’ll begin to hire your team. It is especially important when you have a small team that you create the right company culture. You want to work with people who are happy, focused and motivated to achieve the impact on the world you wanted to achieve with your mission. This extends much further than just ensuring they get paid for their work. You need to buy in to the personal needs of your employees as well. Pay attention to how they are coping with work and what motivates them. In doing this, you can make sure you’re cultivating a workplace that people love to come to everyday.beautiful work place

Have health in mind

It’s easy to feel bombarded by the work on your plate, and put off doing the things that make you feel happy and healthy, like eating healthy or going to the gym

A business that keeps the health of employees in mind is a healthy business for more than one reason. When people are healthy, they can focus better at work and be a  lot more productive. It can also be a good means of assuring employees of their worth and the worth of their well-being. Consider health assessments and providing healthy lunch alternatives, promote a workplace with better well-being.

Keep an eye out from stress

Workplace stress is commonplace and can be a severe drain on time and effort. It can difficult to measure stress particularly during periods of business that are trying for everyone. All the same, there are methods employers can adopt to fight stress in the workplace. There’s a lot of advice out there, from taking the time to offer a change in environment to employee assistance programmes.

Oftentimes, employees won’t want to admit to their managers how stressed they are, so it’s important to cultivate a great friendship with your teams, so they feel comfortable sharing with you the obstacles they are trying to overcome.

Humanize Human Resources

HR is a part of organizations that is meant to track employee activity and well-being within a company. Parts of HR can be so cumbersome in terms of admin that the human aspect of it often gets run out. Try HR software that can take a good deal of the administrative effort off your shoulders. Such systems can discreetly alert you to any issues popping up in an employee’s data and make it all the easier to sort out. This frees more time to actually deal with the personal aspects of HR without getting bogged down in the mire than can sometimes go with it.

Oftentimes, startups will sway away from naming an HR department, and instead call it a “People and Culture” department instead. This is a lot more approachable and still gets the important stuff done, like hiring, sorting out payroll, health insurance, and promotions.

Know what actually motivates your team

Employee motivation is always an issue at the forefront of business minds. There are hundreds of seminars and activity plans using buzzwords and inane exercises on the subject. From trustworthy leadership to stability. Knowing which aspect of their job truly motivates your employee allows for earnest conversation. This creates a relationship between employer and employee that isn’t based on surface-level business talk. In turn, this makes a healthier workplace overall.

When you’re first starting out in launching your own company, it is really important as you launch into hiring your first employees that you are hiring the right people, and making sure they’re happy with the job and workplace that they’re coming to everyday. Check out more articles in our work and business section for more ideas on building your career, and creating your yes supply life.



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