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Curate Your Schedule as If It Were Your Tumblr

Curate Your Schedule As If It Were Your Tumblr

You love the Internet. Somewhere floating around in the masses of its information-saturated  existence is your perfect world. Your fashionable yet un-trendy, designer-clad, inspirational- quote-stippled Tumblr page. The place you go when you look around your local Starbucks and wish you were in a more trendy Brooklyn or Soho coffee joint. A place you might casually run into Kendall Jenner on her Teatox, or Solange and her hubby picking up gluten-free donuts with pink icing.

Curate Your Schedule 

You could spend hours curating your Tumblr. Correction, you do spend hours curating your  Tumblr. And to be fair, your online presence is on fleek. Your time management in the world that lacks a .com, however, falls a little short.  Because of this nausea-inducing lack of organization and cool factor in the real world, I’ve decided to create a formula to help you begin curating your day planner as if it were your  Tumblr. With time carved out for work, play, shopping (okay, more like window shopping), visiting art galleries, having pastel-colored cupcakes, and other great Tumblr-worthy things like that.

To begin, you should prioritize your tasks by level of importance and time sensitivity on a scale from 1-5

One being the highest, 5 the lowest. I know this part isn’t fun at all, but you can’t have a formula without numbers right? Well, maybe you can, but not right now. 

1) The things you absolutely must get done that have deadlines: i.e. work, school, buying a birthday present for your mom. 

2) The things you must get done to keep yourself from slipping down a steep mental slope into a fiery pit of insanity after completing the tasks which have deadlines. Things in this category include eating as opposed to merely caffeinating, which once you figure out how to create a functional schedule is a rewarding task in itself. 

3) Social gatherings, girl time, dinner dates and other reminders to yourself that you are not a complete social outcast, even if you are drowning in paperwork at the office and wearing your moms old Talbots loafers these days. 

4) Treating yo’ self. Walk around your favourite neighborhood and pop into all the adorable overpriced shops and buy something. Something great. Something that makes you feel like a million bucks. This could be a new top, a gym membership, or a $15 cold pressed juice. Whatever you want. 

5) Now this is where it gets super fun; numbers 1-4 are basically nothing in comparison. Go to the museum. Look up a list of the 10 best art galleries in your city and visit them all! Wear a cute outfit, take a selfie, pretend you’re in Paris, and soak up all that beautiful culture surrounding you. Chances are there is also a cupcakerie nearby.

So we have now figured out the order of things. Work, eat, see your friends, treat yo ‘self, and get outside and see new things.

Notice how nowhere on this list is Netflix, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, or any of that other nonsense that you waste your evenings yawning at with your hand stuck in a bag of lentil chips. In place of tweeting gifs and watching Orange is the New Black (don’t get me wrong, it’s a good show) you’ll now be able to do the things you always wish you had time for. Which, guess what, now you do! 

Instead of that hour spent before bed lurking your ex boyfriend’s sister’s fiancé you can tuck into one of those delicious vegan lavender sugar cookies you bought while practicing number 4  on our list. The true shocker here is, you’re going to bed at 10:30pm because you’re exhausted from your day at the natural history museum. The museum where you met your tinder date, who you hated because you are far more cultured and interesting due to your constant art gallery visits and adorable tendency towards gourmet acai smoothie bowls. You are going to be so energized at work tomorrow.

 we hope you’re planning your schedule + working from a cozy space like the one in the image we found at instagram.com/theworkspacestylist

Curate Your Schedule

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