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We're a community of ambitious women that only take yes for an answer.

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Remember, the Collective is created FOR YOU. Ask as many questions as you like in the group and Reese will try to answer them all, or set up masterclasses with mentors who can help answer your questions.

This community was created to help you reach your YES in life. What you put in, you get out.

Women across the world have launched busineses, and quit their jobs based on the information in the membership, so remember you can create your reality.


1. Your Daily Rituals

A big part of creating your YES is going to be having more intentional days and great morning rituals.

You’ll want to head over the the Good Morning Page and figure out what your BIG vision for your life will be!

Success is a habit. So with your big goal in mind, you can design your day, and your daily goal around that BIG vision you want to achieve in life.

Go through all the exercises on the Good Morning Page, and remember to check your inbox as you’ll be waking up to Good Morning Beautiful messages every day of the week to help  you increase your self-confidence, stay focused and accountable to your goals, and make things happen!

“One of the simplest ways being a part of the collective contributed to helping me leave my old job to take my business full-time has been the Good Morning Beautiful emails and setting ONE intention for the day. I actually got into the habit of writing my ONE non-negotiable intention for the day on a big wall calendar beside my bed, which really helped me stay motivated because no matter what kind of day I had, I could always accomplish ONE thing to get me closer to my goal.”

 -Stephanie Sharp

2. Werking Your Biz

A Now that you have a vision for how you want your life to be, you might want to think of a great biz idea.

On this page, you’ll find our course on how to pick the perfect business idea that aligns to your skills, what you like to do, and what you feel is your purpose in life.

Go through the course, and let us know how it goes in our chat.

Then check out the masterclasses to help you learn different areas of growing your biz, making pitches, and getting out there.

Be sure to ask any important questions in the collective chat xx

3. Get Yourself Out There

By Implementing The Tips + Training on This Page, the Branding and Content Page, and This Page, The social media page, you’ll learn the same tactics I used to get my brand out there, and turn my idea into a full-time business.

Then check out the masterclasses to help you learn different areas of branding, growing your online presence, and making social media work for you

Be sure to ask any important questions in the Collective Chat

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