YouTube: How to Find the Perfect Niche

It’s not enough to upload a video on Youtube. Picking the perfect niche on Youtube is essential if you want to get views and grow your Youtube channel relatively fast.

What is the perfect niche? The ideal niche is a compromise between your passions and what makes the most business sense. In brief, you want to find a niche that allows you to create both videos you’re passionate about and videos that your audience is most likely searching for.


The videos you create that you’re passionate about are usually the videos, that are uploaded to keep your current subscriber base happy.

These passion videos are something your audience expects from you, that you enjoy and can sometimes show up in the form of a series of compilation body of work in the way of vlogging. A lot of Youtuber’s have multiple series that often show up in the way of playlists.

the perfect niche

This is pretty much your core, what makes your channel unique, and what makes you happy.

The problem is, these videos are rarely created with an SEO strategy in mind and don’t get a lot of views unless you already have a substantial following. If you try to create a “passion” video with an SEO strategy in mind, oftentimes, you will end up compromising your content.


The videos you create with the strategy in mind are usually videos that capitalize on current viral trends, SEO, and high search volume traffic.

These videos can be great leads because they usually consist of content, titles, and descriptions that contain queries/information that people are actively searching for. Sometimes these videos will go viral immediately; other times, they will pick up a few weeks later once they’ve been indexed by Youtube.

While these videos may not be the most fun to do, they’re 100% needed if you want actually to grow your Youtube channel.


Whether your goal is to grow your audience or it’s to attract advertisers and sponsorships, you will want to choose a niche with high volume search traffic.

If your niche, overall, does not have high volume search traffic, it will be difficult for the strategic videos that you create to attract a lot of viewers because only a small percentage of your audience is searching for that content.


The first question you need to ask yourself is, “What is my target audience and what types of information are they searching for?” then convert these to a list of search queries.

A search query is a string of words that a user types into the search box when they visit Google, Bing Yahoo, Youtube, Pinterest, or any other search engine.

You can easily find what people are searching for by going to Google and Youtube and typing a series of words into the search box to see “how” people are searching for information.

So if you plan to create a Cooking Youtube Channel, you will want to get a list of recipes that you plan on making and see if people are searching for them. Let’s pretend that our goal is to create a video on how to bake a pumpkin pie.

First, you will want to check both Youtube and Google’s search box to see what things people are searching for. When I type in pumpkin pie or best pumpkin pie, these are the suggestive search queries that pop up for me:

Second, you will want to go to Google Keyword Planner and see what the search volume is looking like. Once you’ve typed your search query in, you will what to know what the average monthly searches (AMS) are for various keywords and search queries.

the perfect niche

According to Google, AMS is the average number of times people have searched for a keyword and its close variants based on the targeting settings and date range you’ve selected.

By default, Google averages the number of searches for the term over a 12-month period.

the perfect niche

I use the example above to show you the obvious differences between producing content in the Cooking Niche VS the Author niche. While this is only covering one piece of content, this is a good representative of what you will see across the board with both of these niches. The fact is more people in the world search for cooking recipes than they do writing or novel tips. In fact, there is an astronomical difference with pumpkin pie recipes alone receiving 10-100 million searches per month while Authors and Novel Writing receives between 1-10 million searches per month with this specific type of content receiving as low as ten (10) searches and as high as 1k searches for most content.

This is why on Youtube, you will notice that some niche’s like makeup are more popular than other niche’s.

If you see an AMS of 1k-10k per month. That means your content has the chance of being shown to up to 1k-10k people per month. On the flip side, if the results come back with an AMS of only 100-1k per month and your content has a chance of being shown to up to 100-1k people per month.

The goal here is to find out if you can create specific pieces of content within your niche with an average search of 1k-10k or higher.

While searching for topics related to your niche, if you notice that most of the average monthly searches (AMS) are between 10-100 searches per month, that is a sign that your niche does not have high volume search traffic.

So if you’ve been wondering why your videos aren’t getting a lot of views, it could be because your merely creating content that an average of only 10-100 people is actively searching for per month.

Furthermore, if you notice that the only time your niche receives high volume search traffic is for extensive keywords, that is another sign that your niche does not have high volume search traffic.


If you’ve gone through the previous steps, you’re either feeling a bit discouraged because you’ve learned your niche doesn’t have high search traffic. Or you’re elated because you’ve hit a goldmine!

If you’re feeling discouraged, don’t worry. Now it’s time to look at what your ultimate goal is. If your goal is to grow your brand in hopes of achieving sponsorships or income through Google Advertising, you may want to switch to a niche that has higher search traffic because that’s what sponsors and advertisers want to bid on.

The perfect niche is what makes the most sense for your goals…

We get caught up in the numbers. Sometimes seeing 100 views, 500 views, or even 1000 views can seem basic compared to someone with tens or hundreds of thousands of views.

If your goal is to build a tribe, you’re catering to a specific audience that you can still monetize through courses, products, and etc. You don’t need 100,000 followers to turn your niche into a profitable creative business.

You can also create strategic videos and perform outreach beyond Google and Youtube that involve attracting viewership through Pinterest, Google+, Facebook Groups, and Instagram.

Once you’ve put together a strategy centered around your goals, you will want to consider how this will affect your content schedule. If you are keeping in mind that you want to have a strategy to keep your current audience engaged, and a second strategy to attract new viewers, you will want to consider posting two videos per week on your Youtube with one focusing on each strategy.

What to do if you’re multi-passionate?

You can do what I did.

I created two Youtube channels: One that focuses on my passion for writing because that’s what sets my soul on fire, and I have a second channel that focuses on lifestyle and business tips for female entrepreneurs because I’m extremely passionate about helping women build their dream life. My first channel is to feed my desire as an artist, and the second channel is to feed my Entrepreneurial spirit. I’m able to monetize both channels, but my second channel is where I’m ready to capitalize more on SEO, viral trends, and business-wise, splitting the two made more sense. Remember, the riches are in the niches!

the perfect niche

Both channels have their strategy to keep their current audience on board and one for attracting new audiences.

Now that you know how to find the perfect niche on Youtube, the next thing you will need to consider is how to find out which search queries on Google and Youtube are the least competitive, and how to boost your rankings so that you can be seen. If you think this has anything to do with the Competition Tab on Google Adwords, you’re wrong. That’s for Advertisers and does not measure the difficulty of ranking within a keyword or search query.

In my next post, I will cover how to find search queries with high volume search traffic and how to determine which ones can be easily ranked.

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