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The Five Essentials of a KILLER Video Marketing Strategy

Want to create video content that actually resonates with your audience? Then you will need to create a KILLER video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing is a fast-growing marketing trend that over the last few years has exploded in popularity, and unlike its predecessors that have come and go, video marketing will continue to rise as studies (and a lot of science) shows that people connect and show favoritism towards brands with humanizing qualities.

To be frank, it is expected that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019. That’s like two years from now.

Ready to freak out? Well here is why you don’t have to because today I am going to give you 5 Key Essentials needed to create a KILLER video marketing strategy.

Identify Your Goals

Before we can begin talking about the actual creative video process, we have to know what our goals actually are. Why are we creating this content? What is the purpose of this video? If you want a successful video marketing strategy, you need to know what is the goal of the video.

Start thinking about things such as who is your audience when they watch this video, and who will they be once the video is finished?

This question will help you transition from having a million ideas in your head to crafting a message that your audience can actually digest.

Create A Hook

A hook is one of the most important components of brilliant video content, yet so many people don’t utilize a hook to make sure their video has maximum emotional impact on their audience. Not only do you need to give your audience something juicy to give them a reason to watch your video, but you also need your video to resonate.

So no matter what — always start with a really good hook.

So what makes a good hook?

A good hook has two things: It helps your audience solve a problem, but it also talks about how that problem makes them feel.

A good example of this can be seen in Caitlin Bacher’s video about Facebook Burnout.

Here is her hook:

Have you ever felt resentment towards the members of your Facebook Group? If you have, it doesn’t mean that you’re a horrible person. It just means you need to practice better self care as a Facebook Group Host. In this video, I’ll show you three ways to help you prevent Facebook Group Burnout.

Let’s dissect this a bit and discuss WHY this hook works.

Caitlin starts her video asking her audience if they’ve ever felt resentment about people in their Facebook group.

If you do have a Facebook Group, and have felt or are currently feeling resentment towards your Facebook Group or it’s members, immediately after hearing this question, you think about all of the emotions and feels that you felt or are currently feeling.

The vibrations that you feel from recalling these emotions are because Caitlin’s question activated your sensory perception.

This is what we call sensory marketing, one of the most powerful marketing secrets used by the most influential brands to connect with their audiences.

Sensory Marketing is content marketing that engages the consumers’ senses and affects their perception, judgment and behavior – Aradhna Krishna.

So in the first part of Caitlin’s hook, she connects with her audience by first resonating with them, and speaking directly about how a problem she is going to help her audience solve, actually makes them feel.

This makes this video feel personal. It makes you feel like when you watch this video that out of the 278 people that have watched this video, that Caitlin is only talking to 1 person: You.

She ends the hook by stating how she is going to help her audience by giving them 3 tips to solve a problem which is preventing Facebook burnout.

This guys is seriously the perfect hook.

Now is this the only type of hook? No.

You can also hook your audience strictly through visuals.

So for example, if you had a product, what’s a way you can accomplish this?

Well with the Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaner, the video content I create with them always starts with a few seconds of the device running. That is their hook. If we do use vocals, it’s a combination of the device running and an overlaying vocal that says “Clean Your Makeup Brushes with the Push of A Button.”

This hook accomplishes two things:

1. With a clip of the device running you see what problem Lilumia solves for it’s customers.

2. The overlaying vocal then highlights the convenience factor of the product that shows the customer that now you can get your brushes cleaned without scrubbing tirelessly over a sink.

Example of a successful Lilumia ad using the Essentials outlined in this blog post.

What Lilumia doesn’t do is start with the steps of how to utilize the device because it takes some time to get to the point of how it solves the target audience’s problem.

The biggest mistake that a lot of Businesses, Brands and Influencer’s make when they create video content is that they take so much time to build up to the hook, when really you should be using the hook to build anticipation for how you’re going to change your target audience’s life by providing a solution.

You cannot great a KILLER video marketing strategy WITHOUT a hook.

Write A Script

No matter how much you know your stuff, no matter how much you’re great at speaking, it’s usually a good idea to always write a script. A script can be a simple outline all the way to a detailed line by line write up of what you’re going to say on camera.

What most people don’t realize is that no matter how much you know your stuff, we as humans are just really great at babbling. While I’d love to say the script is for you to make the filming and editing process easier (trust me–it does), the script you write is really for your audience.

When you write a script, you take into consideration things like your audience’s attention span, how long it takes you to communicate your message and where you want your audience to be once they’ve watched your video and what they take away from it. It also allows you to plan where you’re going to lay breadcrumbs to keep your audience watching until the end.

Without a script, your audience will get bored because you’re not laying enough breadcrumbs to keep them interested. That is definitely not the way to have a really impactful video marketing strategy.

Add Your Call-to-Action

You want to build a brand, not just a Youtube channel. You want to build a real community, not just a high follower count.

I can’t tell you how many online Influencer’s I’ve had the pleasure to connect with that have over 50K followers on Instagram and have yet to figure out how to monetize their audience.

You need to tell your audience what to do. You need to get them off of social media and into your Email list.

You need to build a relationship with them and convert them from follower to customer.

To do this, you SHOULD be using call-to-action’s in your video content. Whether you’re creating video on Youtube, or on Snapchat, Instagram Live or Instagram stories, you need to tell your audience to take action so that you can build a deeper connection with them outside of social media, grow your business, and supercharge your income.

Repurpose Your Video Content Across Social Media

The wonderful thing about video is that it’s sooooo easy to re-purpose. Once you’ve filmed it, you can just copy and paste it into different formats, and media sizes.

For example, if you film a video for your Youtube channel, you can re-purpose it into Instagram content and even plan and schedule your content so that you can re-play Youtube videos as Instagram stories.

For a lot of people, video is daunting enough. So if you’re going to do it, you better slay. Good Luck, Yes Supply fam!

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