Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles of a Communications Career

Working in communication is hard-core. Studies say that it’s perhaps one of the most stressful jobs on Earth. Communication is like a living creature, because it changes almost organically. The new trends break the limits and offer new ways of doing things. You just have to keep up with them. We connect with journalists on social networks, we follow PR associations from around the world on Twitter, we get the morning news from RSS feeds. There isn’t a pre-written manual on how to do things.

Guiding Principles

Guest post by Valeria Tudor, Founder and CEO of The House Agency

Apart from what people know about PR girls – they write well, they smile a lot, they are always polite and ready for work – there are some other skills that might make a difference: being able to feel the trends, to find the inspiration from common things, to keep a human touch in business. When I became aware of these facts, I wanted to get my ideas into the light and to let them grow, so I started my own project.

When I launched The House PR Agency, I wanted to be something different, to be a way of doing our job as any professional but on a slower paced base, to have a power-team nurtured and protected by a house. I encourage freedom in any form and I strongly believe that people have a lot to offer to each other if you just let them.

Guiding Principles

Perhaps when you put soul in everything, people feel it. Our story has been featured in local business magazines (e.g. Business Woman), on PR portals (e.g. PR Romania) and so on. As a start-up, we managed to communicate for local and global clients, to tell some stories that we believe in. We contribute to developing wonderful projects and we keep growing our portfolio.

As featured on our website, we would like to think of our agency as “the place where any story gets a soul and a heart”. We use the same approach when pitching journalists and people who work in communications and we always love to meet them in person and to explain what the story about.

We always bear in mind that public relations means building relations and that there are some principles known by heart:

Guiding Principles

Principles you Need to Succeed:

  • Bet on creativity

Be creative and inspire your team to enjoy delivering bright ideas, no matter how stupid they may seem. Any brainstorm can generate a big idea, so be prepared to distinguish it from the crowd and to exploit it as soon as you can.

  • Find your inner self

Discover your most powerful assets and put them in the spotlight. Enhance whatever you may be doing and promote it at its best. This gives a personal touch to any of your activities and to your business as well.

    •  Explore opportunities

Discuss any opportunity. Arrange meetings with anyone you can and get the most out of any collaboration. There is nothing much to do to increase your profit if you stay behind the desk everyday.

  • Be open

Do not reject emails, unless they are truly annoying. Keep sending replies as there might be some excellent business proposals that you might miss if you push the “Spam” button continuously.

  • Spread the word

Don’t be afraid to tell your own story! If it is said from the heart, it cannot hurt anybody. It shall be inspiring and engaging for most people.

  • Build trust

Trusting any of your colleagues, partners, clients, is a must. This gives you the freedom to handle any situation and make good decisions anytime.

  • Have a strategy

Do not loose track of what your plan was from the beginning. On your way to fulfilling your objectives it’s easy to forget that you started from point A and wanted to get to point B. Always focus on what you must be doing!

valeria tudorValeria Tudor is the founder of The House PR Agency, a creative project breaking out from the classical agency patterns, a place where the expertise from the UK blends with the local communication practices. As a communicator, Valeria has a distinct background; she worked during the past years for clients activating in various fields, from agriculture to beauty. She believes that one can grow businesses and people in a beautiful distinct manner, this is why she also encourages the launch of a fresh mindset in the industry she is involved in, bringing a new approach to PR.

Guiding Principles


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