Successful Brands Use Youtube

How Successful Brands Use Youtube to Grow Their Tribe

The hardest part about creating a brand is not crafting the perfect logo or picking out the color scheme for your creative business. The true struggle in building a powerful brand is crafting an identity that is both relatable and inspires people to take action.

Successful Brands use Youtube to rapidly grow their audience, while keeping their current base engaged. If you’re constantly finding new customers but struggle to keep your old subscribers on board, video marketing may just be the fix your brand needs to grow your business empire.

Successful Brands Use Youtube

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Here are three ways Successful Brands use Youtube to grow their tribe.

1. Build and Increase Email List Engagement

Whether you have a product, service or not, an email list is an invaluable tool for success and a goldmine most businesses overlook. Most people wait until they have something to sell before building a list. But what happens when you have a product and no audience interested in buying? All that time you could’ve spent building a list while your product or service was in development stage, and now you have to spend months or years building that list to turn a profit.
Successful Brands start building their list beforehand, and many successful brands use Youtube to enhance and grow their lists at incremental rates.

Email lists never expire, they have a 10x higher conversion rate than social media, and you can continuously monetize your list with a variety of products and services that you know for sure your audience is actually interested in buying.

So how does Youtube tie into all of this? According to Get Response, emails containing video have a 5.6% higher open rate and over 96% higher click-through-rate.

2. Repurpose, Expand and Enhance Content

For every business and blog owner, eventually your content will run stale, you’ll get bored and want to quit. If you’re struggling with creating consistent, valuable content, have no fear, it’s time to repurpose, expand and enhance your content.

First, what is repurposing content? Repurposing content means taking old blogs (that are hopefully evergreen) and repackaging it to provide further information to your current subscriber base, while creating “new” content to potentially reach more of your target audience and to boost search engine efforts.

Some people repackage content by taking an already published blog, and expanding on sections of that post to create new blogs. Others repackage content by using excerpts of blogs for Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Tweets and etc.

Youtube allows you to take that old content and repurpose it in a fun, refreshing way that up to 65% of your audience will tune into versus repurposing it into another blog post that only 10 percent of your audience will actually read.

Youtube is also an excellent way to enhance your content.

A Youtube channel is much like your own online TV network, where you can organize all of your content together in playlists similar to Netflix.


How Successful Brands Use Youtube -- Shay Mitchell
If you’ve ever created a blog series, think about how difficult it is for your viewer to find your entire series once a years worth of blog content has been piled on top. Youtube series, on the other hand, are much more visible, attractive, searchable and they auto-play. Winning!

3. Boost Website and Blog Traffic

Youtube is KING for call-to-actions over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that rely on curated feeds. As previously mentioned, every Youtube channel is like it’s own TV Network with the ability to organize content into playlists / series which give your subscribers an easy searchable way to sift through archived content.

For every Youtube post, you are able to have three types of call-to-actions to lead people to your website.

  1. Add a clickable call-to-action in the video.
  2. Add a URL to your description box
  3. Add Youtube’s Call-to-Action overlay function

Instagram: Zero call to action functionalities outside of the User Profile.

Facebook: Posts with external links perform poorer on the Facebook algorithm and essentially buried.

Twitter: The average tweet lasts between 18-24 minutes before it is pushed so far down your follower’s timeline. Hint: If your link isn’t seen within the first half hour, it probably won’t be seen.

A Youtube video on the other hand gets most of it’s traffic within the first 6 days it goes up.

In addition, Youtube is so nice to send a friendly email to your subscribers letting them know that you uploaded a new video. It’s a social media platform and email list wrapped into one.


4. Bonus: Why are Successful Brands doing this?

Perhaps you’ve already found something that works for your business: Instagram is bringing in leads, Pinterest brings in large chunks of quality traffic, and Facebook allows you to share some fun entertainment inside your niche.

The secret is, successful brands use Youtube because approximately 50% of all mobile traffic correlates with video content. By 2019, 80% of all Internet traffic will be video.

And if your brand skips out on video, it could eventually fall out of times like Myspace.

Perhaps its just an in-trend thing and it will be a thing of the past? Science says otherwise.

“The brain is primarily a visual processor, with very little used to process text, which makes sense since you mostly operate in this world visually. Visual long-term memory has the ability to store a massive amount of data, which is likely what makes video so effective as a medium for presenting large sets of information and concepts. ” — Pixel Road Designs

Successful Brands Use Youtube

Science says that not only his video more memorable than text, but it invokes powerful emotions in viewers that is more impactful than a simple photo.

How Successful Brands Grow Their Tribe on Youtube | Grow Your Brand on Youtube

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